melanie brown and eddie murphy?

ok the dna test proves eddie is the daddy of little angel iris murphy brown and eddie has payed all the back support and doctor bills.but melanie is mad cause eddie does not visit the baby and hasnt tried to see you think she should force him to see a baby he apparently doesnt want to see? do you think she hopes to break up eddie and his fiancee tracey edmonds? dont you think she should just be happy hes paid up and quit trying to force him into her and this babys life?i think it is sad you cannot force someone to be a parent .i think she should leave him alone cash the checks, and you know she will and move on.find another man cause eddie is not coming back,baby or no baby---ever!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If she is getting paid, she should be satisifed and shut up. At this point it is just about publicity.

    Though watch out for a woman spurned!

  • Anita
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    4 years ago

    Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown has given birth to a daughter in California, her publicist said Tuesday. Brown has said ex-boyfriend Eddie Murphy is the father. The 46-year-old "Dreamgirls" star has said he's not sure. Brown has said there's "absolutely no question that Eddie is the father."

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