Are you aware of the budget situation in Illinois and what are your thoughts regarding the issue?

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  • anna s
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    1 decade ago
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    Have been keeping up with that disaster thru the Tribune. Even though I now live in Nebraska, I was born & raised in Chi-town & still consider my a Chicagoan.

    I think the entire fiasco in Springfield is sad because in the long run it will be - first, the state employees who suffer when state gov't shuts down due to the budget arguments and then second, the general public when they are forced to pay even higher taxes thanks to the temper tantrums being thrown by a governor who likes nothing more than to act like a spoiled child until he gets his way and a speaker of the house who believes in the 'old system' that has had state govt in a stronghold for decades.

    It's going to be interesting to see at what point the citizens start clamoring about the expenses the boy governor is racking up with all of his private plane trips and other costs so he can stay in Chicago. hhhhmmm - always thought the capital of the state was Springfield.....

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