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Can a plant still be able to use photosynthesis at night under a grow light?

Hi, i live in canada i was wondering if plants are able to use photosynthesis at night under a grow light? Ex: I let my aloe plant get a full dose of summer sun in the morning and at night i put that exact aloe under a grow light will it still absorb the light at night that my grow light gives it?

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    Yes, but be careful. Even plants need their time of rest. Do some research about the optimum light exposure needed for each type of plant you are growing.

    Constant light can stress or weaken a plant.

    Good luck.

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    Not sure of the science, but you can leave a plant under grow lights 24 hours a day. I did this when starting seeds in the spring. The plants did great. I figure it is like the really long days in the summer in Alaska.

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    I believe that any time the light is on, it will trigger the plant to use photosynthesis to grow. But, a period of darkness may be required also. try using the light for varying periods and monitor the darkness period for best results. You may find an optimal ratio of light to dark. Lifes a garden, DIG IT...

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    you employ fluorescent bulbs. they arrive in numerous varieties. the main inexpensive thank you to furnish vegetation the sunshine they desire is to integrate one cool white bulb with one heat white bulb. you additionally can purchase a bulb it somewhat is particular for becoming vegetation yet those have a tendency to be high priced.

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