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old movie help!!!?

i have asked this before with no good answers. I have been trying to find the name of this old movie about a nun that leaves the convent and while she is gone a statue of the virgin mary takes her place in the nunnery so when she see that she wants to go back to the nunnery she can easily cause no one knows she has been gone. My mom thinks it mioght have been carol baker in the movie but I have not found it under that name. Please help I so want to see this movie again. It is black and white movie.

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    Your mom's right. The movie you're looking for is THE MIRACLE, which stars Carroll Baker.



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    WOW my mom loved that movie. Its definitely The Miracle. To verify and assure you it is the movie your talking about the nun goes off and every time she marries or falls in love they die...right, thats why she returns. But as she does her First and True love tries to regain her but she wouldnt budge she was just blank. Such a beautiful movie!!! -tear-

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    The Miracle


    and it does star Carroll Baker.

    the description at imdb.com matches your description pretty closely.

  • The Miracle (1959) ??????

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