Why is there only one African-American in a group on TV or in movies?

Im talking about American TV. All of the commercials I've seen so far, especially the fast food, I always see two American guys and one African-American. Also in the movies. In the main party, there is only one African-American. Is it because since the actors are "hand-picked" by an American director, they prefer they're own kind or favor what they believe Americans want to see?

Here's some examples for movies or TV.

Bedazzled - Orlando Jones

Matrix- Morpheus

40 yr old Virgin- Jay

Mortal Kombat- Jax

5th Element- Ruby

Lost- Michael, then Mr. Eko

Malcolm in the Middle - Stevie


Smallville - Pete

Felicity- Tracy

The A-Team - Mr. T

Independence Day- Will Smith

I Still know what you did Last Summer - Mekhi

Star Wars Ep. I -III - Mace Windu

Star Wars Ep.V & VI - Lando

Anaconda- Ice Cube

Halloween H20- LL Cool J

Halloween: Resurrection- Busta Rhymes

The Mummy Returns- Pilot

Night of the Living Dead

Not another Teen movie- This movie makes a joke about Malik being the only black guy.

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    These programs and movies are centered by a small group of people. If you had a group of 3-5 friends (not all one race) then what do you think the ratio would be?

    I've seen spanish movies with only mexicans, African -American movies with only A/Americans in the cast.

    Movies from Japan or China won't have other races in them (except for a select few).

    American movies are more open to different races, you see different backgrounds for the cast members.

    If you watch you will see some movies and shows with an African American, a Mexican, one of Oriental etc.

    So I can't see how you are being fair criticizing the American

    film industry. If it is fair then it will be fair to assume all these other countries that don't support a mixed cast is actually more disturbed than ours.

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    Not when the issue or sub-issue of the movie is about race then it is more evenly matched. Higher learning, crash. etc....You forgot to mention that James Earl Jones was the voice of Vader or that Samuel Jackson was a jedi. The matrix had a ton of black guys and black women that were instrumental Jada Pinkett Smith, links wife and sister. Never mind, I could be here all day giving you examples of those movies. Besides you are going back almost thirty years with the A-Team. Where are you, Poland? All of those movies are old. You must be the only person ever to watch Bedazzled. 90% of those movies are crap anyway.

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    If they didn't have any black actors, then black people would object and say their show was racist. And there isn't any reason to have more than one. South Park makes a joke about that too. They have a black kid who is actually named "Token" as in "the token black kid."

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    thats called the "token" kid

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