Iran urges US Pull Out Of Iraq?

Iran Wants The US To Leave Iraq In Order For Peace To Happen In The Country, I For One Agree With Iran, And Fair Play To Them, They Aren't Sheeps And See What The Real Issue In Iraq Is, INVADERS.....

Whats Your View On Irans Comments????????
Update 3: thank you angel
Update 4: Dude- people like you believe everything from the news, iran wants the US out because they are the peoblem, if someone came to your house and broke youe door down and had a knife, what would you do
Update 5: USA1979- add more details , then i may do it
Update 6: Goobster- proove that iran has sent insurgents to iraq, or is that what the US told you, and you are right, i dont follow world news, as rupurt murdoch, BUSH's friend, owns nearly everything
Update 7: ritefielder14- proove they hate christians
Update 8: listenupmoron- should i learn christianity from my sikh neighbour???????????

or tennis from David Beckham
Update 9: listenupmoron- what has bin ladin got in connection with iran, nothing, is he alive, i doubt it, he was never behind 9/11, no evidence was shown, i don't believe what i see on t.v like i said
Update 10: xenypoo- america supports the zionist movement of israel, god bless the jews who have stood up againt it
Update 11: allan g- the world is terrified of the US, they bullied north korea and iran of its nuclear technology, and bombed a innocent country and they have controlled the U.N, they are the real treat
Update 12: listenupmoron- theres evidence that the cia hired someone to bomb the world trade centers in 1993 i have evidence,tapped phone calls, but the world only wants to blaim muslims, and you are the ones being fooled
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