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Iran urges US Pull Out Of Iraq?

Iran Wants The US To Leave Iraq In Order For Peace To Happen In The Country, I For One Agree With Iran, And Fair Play To Them, They Aren't Sheeps And See What The Real Issue In Iraq Is, INVADERS.....

Whats Your View On Irans Comments????????

Update 2:


Update 3:

thank you angel

Update 4:

Dude- people like you believe everything from the news, iran wants the US out because they are the peoblem, if someone came to your house and broke youe door down and had a knife, what would you do

Update 5:

USA1979- add more details , then i may do it

Update 6:

Goobster- proove that iran has sent insurgents to iraq, or is that what the US told you, and you are right, i dont follow world news, as rupurt murdoch, BUSH's friend, owns nearly everything

Update 7:

ritefielder14- proove they hate christians

Update 8:

listenupmoron- should i learn christianity from my sikh neighbour???????????

or tennis from David Beckham

Update 9:

listenupmoron- what has bin ladin got in connection with iran, nothing, is he alive, i doubt it, he was never behind 9/11, no evidence was shown, i don't believe what i see on t.v like i said

Update 10:

xenypoo- america supports the zionist movement of israel, god bless the jews who have stood up againt it

Update 11:

allan g- the world is terrified of the US, they bullied north korea and iran of its nuclear technology, and bombed a innocent country and they have controlled the U.N, they are the real treat

Update 12:

listenupmoron- theres evidence that the cia hired someone to bomb the world trade centers in 1993 i have evidence,tapped phone calls, but the world only wants to blaim muslims, and you are the ones being fooled

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    Is it on Gerrys blog? sorry i will give you a star loooooooooool

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    Of course Iran wants the US to quit Iraq. It is insurgents from other countries that are the problem in Iraq not the US and these insurgents are in part supplied by Iran. I suggest that anyone who has any doubts should speak to an Iraqi citizen and you will get the true answer and that is they don't want a withdrawal of US troops, they are preventing a full scale bloodbath which would surely follow any withdrawal. The middle east is terrified that Iran will try to take control. We may not like it but the presence of US troops in Iraq is much preferable to Iranian and a possible spark to fuel World War 111. People should wake up and face the facts lest we live to regret our actions now.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Aren't these the same people who said Israel needs to be wiped off the face of the map?

    Iran just wants more land/power/money in the middle-east....just like us...we want a strategic position in Iraq which would give us power, and the money comes from oil. Why would we want to give any of that to Iran? Iran is evil. They hate Christians, Jews, anyone but themselves.


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  • 3 years ago

    could the U. S. ever invade Saudi Arabia? of direction no longer. a minimum of no longer on a similar time as the Bushco necons are in cost. the wealthy oil barons who run that united states of america such with the aid of fact the Bin encumbered family contributors are previous family contributors pals and employer companions of the Bush family contributors. Does all human beings truly assume that Osama would be dropped at trial, the place testimony in open court docket ought to divulge the relationship of the Saudis with Bush kin? Or are we in simple terms meant to overlook that actuality the comparable way we've often forgotten that the grandfather of George Bush, Prescott Bush, replaced right into a banker who loaned funds to the Nazi social gathering till the FDR administration close him down? Are we to overlook with regards to the actuality that maximum the hijackers who destroyed the WTC have been Saudi Arabians, and none of them have been Iraqis? Do the Iraqis have a attitude? they only prefer all US troops to get the heck out of their united states of america, and 70% of them say so whilst polled. Then they're going to thankfully circulate on killing one yet another as they continually have devoid of our troops blockading the crossfire.

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  • 1 decade ago

    LMAO! What else did you expect Iran to say, that they want America to destroy terrorist regimes? I can't call you the names that suit you on this forum, so I will just say to you, if America was losing in Iraq, and not winning the war on Terrorism, would Iran want us gone? No! They want to build nuclear weapons to attack Israel, (their leader has said so, personally on National TV) and later us, to become a Superpower. Iran supports terrorists, Hezbollah being their major benefactor!

    Source(s): Look, man, very, and I mean VERY few Jews are against Americans, and our finally helping them to fight against their enemies. Geez get educated!
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Iran has no say and no authority.

    Iran is invading Iraq by sending insurgents to kill innocent Iraqi's.

    Iran is smugging weapons into Iraq.

    Iran is creating more violence, NOT PEACE.

    Iran wants to destroy and wipe Israel OFF THE MAP, Iran is NOT for peace, it's for violence and destruction.

    Where is your brain at.... You don't follow world news at all.

    My view on your question is that you make no sense, you say anything that a left wing blogger believes, biased information, not fair and honest facts.

    no truth in what you say, we all agree on that

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  • Dude
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    1 decade ago

    The Woody Woodpecker cartoons had an episode called: The Case of the Gullible Woodpecker. That Gullible Woodpecker is you. Are you really fooled that easily? Iran wants the US out, so they can increase their influence in Iraq and, therefore, the rest of the region. Say, you weren't a member of the British Parliament during the 1930's were you?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Iran seriously, because why, they are so credible, and are most likely harboring terrorists themselves.

    They aren't sheep, you are right they are a terrorist nation waiting for us to leave so they can get together with some of the people we are fighting.

    what a country when someone can get away with siding with the people trying to harm us and believe them. I don't know why everyone is rooting for the side of bad instead of their own country but it shows how extreme they are.

    I don't give stars out for propaganda sorry. I actually change my mind I'm starring it because I know alot of people who will want to respond to this question.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I call it a "saving face" gesture.

    But you know, the US never LISTENS to anyone anyway. Not Iran, not the UN, not Hans Blix...?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lol nice one liberal, dont forget the showdown between the shiites and sunnis when Iran and Iraq were going at it not too long ago that left hundreds of thousands dead

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