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Service check of car sold by dealer?

1. How to make sure that the car I am buying from dealer is in good condition?

2. Where is the prof that dealer did a good serive check?

3. What about car history? What if car was salvaged/damaged/etc., how to find out about it?

4. Am I allowed to take car from dealership to do service check at the other dealership?

Thank You, oh and if you have any advices, please write them


What if I dont have my own mechanic? And I dont know any. I'd rather pay extra $70-80 but check the car (Toyota Celica) and the Toyota dealership service check

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    1. Best bet is to go to the library ang grab a book on buying used cars. Also has some information too. Go through all the things they say to check YOURSELF. Then, take the car to a mechanic for an inspection--probably not another dealership. (Some guys will want to charge you $20 or something.) Ask to watch that guy do the inspection, so you can learn and see what they do.

    2. You should never assume that the seller (dealer or individual) did anything. And just because a dealer DOES a service check, that doesn't mean that they claim that nothing's wrong. Most dealers that say they do a "39 point service check" or whatever will tell you what that entails if you ask.

    3. Car history: well there's carfax, but there are TONS of loopholes in that.

    4. A dealer should allow you to take it to "your mechanic." They might want a deposit or something, but shouldn't have an issue about it.

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    The answer is YES as long as the car has a valid MOT certificate it means the vehicle is road worthy. If the car was sold to you with a warranty you should be able to claim to get your problems sold under it, regarding the brakes 50% left on a used car is not only acceptable is quite good indeed. I am an MOT inspector and can tell you that MOT standards are the bare minimum so that a car has passed and MOT don't really mean much as we inspectors get reminded all the time by VOSA " the vehicle only have to meet the minimum requirements at the time of testing" So don't put your claims on having and MOT or the advisory sheet, basically is your reponsability to ask and see all the documents before you buy. One last advise if you want to buy a used car always use the services of and independent inspection company, yes it will cost you some extra money, but they will give you a real account of what you are buying. No sales man is going to tell you the bad points of a car the same that someone trying to sell you a house wont tell you that the neighbours are noisy

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