i just got prescribed to atenolol..?

just wondering if anyone else has taken it and what did it do for you? is it safe?? i know my doc wouldnt give it to me if she didnt think so but im worried that it will slow down my heart too much..i only have a fast heartbeat sometimes..sometimes its normal..is it okay to take?? im only taking 25 MG a day...but still worried??..if you have taken it please tell me about it!

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    ATENOLOL is a wonder medicine given for Heart problems and I have been on this drug for the past 10 years. I take 50 mg daily. Now let us see what is Atenolol and how it works.

    Atenolol is a beta-adrenergic blocking agent. Atenolol blocks the action of the sympathetic nervous system, a portion of the involuntary nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system stimulates the pace of the heart beat. By blocking the action of these nerves, atenolol reduces the heart rate and is useful in treating abnormally rapid heart rhythms. Atenolol also reduces the force of heart muscle contraction and lowers blood pressure. By reducing the heart rate and the force of muscle contraction, atenolol reduces heart muscle oxygen demand. Since angina occurs when oxygen demand of the heart exceeds supply, atenolol is helpful in treating angina.

    Atenolol is prescribed for patients with high blood pressure (hypertension). It is also used to treat chest pain (angina pectoris) related to coronary artery disease. Atenolol is also useful in slowing and regulating certain types of abnormally rapid heart rates (tachycardias). Other uses for atenolol include the prevention of migraine headaches and the treatment of certain types of tremors (familial or hereditary essential tremors).

    So please continue to take Atenolol as prescribed by your physician and yu need not at all worry.-

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    I haven't taken it (yet!) but have prescibed it to MANY patients.Since I still work... don't worry!


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