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Urinary tract infection, Dehydration, or something else?

So when i wake up in the morning (and sometimes randomly during the day) and go to the bathroom my vagina has a kind of burning/tinging sensation. This has been going on for the past few weeks. I went to the doctor for this, i was on monistat at the time thinking it was a yeast infection, and he said i was dehydrated and didnt have a UTI. At the time i went to the doctor i also had an itching problem, but that went away after i used the monistat. I started drinking a lot more water, so what is the problem? Am i still not drinking enough?


Nope, no antibiotic.

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    didnt he give you an antibiotic? call the office to speak with a nurse to be sure..

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    Are you sure it was your vagina that was burning??

    The burning and tingling sound right for a UTI, but only if you feel it in your urethra, which is at the top of your vagina and below your clitoris.

    Did your doctor ask you to pee in a cup?

    I would get an appointment with another doctor and get a second opinion.

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