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What sewing/embroidery machine should I purchase?

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All I want to do is embroider my granddaughters names on sweatshirts etc. When I read the specs on these machines they all have programmed disks. Can I choose letters and create ...show more
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The Brother SE-270D uses a cartridge system which is very annoying, doesn't work all of the time and if anything is just a little out of whack you can't thread the needle. It is only a 3/4 machine (very small) and it does have a big embroidery field. For a beginner I would Highly reccomend either the Janome 9500. The Janome 9500 is a wonderful machine that both sews and embroiders wonderfully. The Janome 9500 has 3 built-in alphabet fonts so you can embroider the name Elizabeth with ease. Elizabeth could be done in one step with the 9500. All you have to do is choose the letters you want and it will group them together to make the word. Then you just have to set it to where you want, thread you needle and press the go button. Nice and easy. Embroidery machines allow to embroider full size designs like say you wanted a dog on your shirt, the machine can embroider it (provided the design is digitized, in a format where the stitches are layed out so the machine knows what to do). It is a wonderful sewing machine too. It has also has a full touchscreen which is nice and fun to use. But trust me the SE-270D is a joke. The best deal for the Janome 9500 is from Mr. Vac and Mrs. Sew. They have it for only $1599 with free shipping and no tax (if you are outside New Tork State)and it comes with so many extras. It comes with:

Stabilizer - This stabilizer is great for it's uniqueness in that after you wash your item the stabilizer totally washes away - (Retail Value - $50.00)

Magic Box Plus Elite - Gives you the freedom to put up to 30 designs on your blank embroidery card from CD's, other manufacturers cards and even the internet. - (Retail Value - $399.00)

Polystar Thread - Superior Strength, Shine, and Vibrant colors - (Retail Value - $305.00)

Polystar Prewound Bobbins - Get thread, thread and more bobbin thread, with the same quality and strength expected from the Polystar name - (Retail Value - $100.00)

Embroidery Magic II Embroidery Software - A Full lettering, editing, and digitizing embroidery software - (Retail Value - $399.00)

Pantostock - Filled with over 3900 Beautiful Quality Professionally Digitized Embroidery Machine Designs - (Retail Value - $100.00)

Cap Hoop - Allows you the unique ability to embroider on the uncommon medium of a typical baseball style cap - (Retail Value - $50.00)

Sock Hoop - Easy and simple sock embroidery - (Retail Value - $50.00)

With all of the stuff you get you are completely set to embroider whatever you want. The Magic Box allows you to transfer designs you like from the internet to your machine. The Thread is beautiful and shiny and it comes in a box of 61 colors with 1000 meters on each spool. It also has 144 prewound bobbins for embroidery (you only need white thread in the bobbin when embroidering) which I reuse for sewing because they are true plastic strong bobbins. It comes with 3900 extra designs all of which are incredible. A big roll of stabilizer (you need this for everytime you embroider it stabilizes your shirts etc.). Software that allows you to edit designs and make your own designs and do lettering as well. Also a cap hoop and sock hoop so you can embroider on caps and socks. I purchase all my things from Mr. Vac and Mrs. Sew they are such a nice company to deal with. They are kind and always make my shopping experience a pleasant one. Here is a link to the product and their number (you can order it on the phone or through the internet).



I think ordering over the phone is better though because they will answer any further questions you have.

Tell Lisa and Joe Kevin told you about it:)


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  • Silver answered 8 years ago
    First you must decide do you want just a mechanical machine, a digital one and if the latter do you want to create your own designs? Some machines have built in fonts, for others you must buy them as designs on a disk or download them. The software you use will also allow you in many instances to create 'Fonts' using image files and some use regular TTF fonts like your computers 'Word' program does. I prefer those that allow me to use a TTF font, then I am almost unlimited as to what and how I can sew out monograms or words. Be careful, saving money on a machine now may cost you in big headaches later, the same with software. I have owned Pfaff (now owned by a completely different, lesser quality company...almost as bad as the new Singer machines) Janome, (I did not like their customer support or their software and would never buy another one) and Babylock , which is a 'better line' version of Brother machines. By far I love the Babylock the best. Customer support from the corporation as well as from my dealer have been great.
    Research individual dealers, I would not buy from a big-box store...where will you go for advise? You will need their help, believe me. Buy from a dealer in your area, not online, where they will in many cases give you free lessons. I will warn you, once bitten by the embroidery bug you will probably want more features than you think you need now. If you simply want to do embellishments look into that type of machine and not a full blown embroidery machine. If you want to get really serious about embroidering buy a decent embellisher or a embroidery only machine not a home embroidery / sewing machine combo, most of them are way over priced.
    Good Luck and Have Fun!


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  • Debbie B answered 8 years ago
    All embroidery machines can do what you are asking them to do. As to which one to purchase, everyone has their own favourite and depending on what you want to spend, that would probably be a more determining factor. You will probably find that once you get started, you will get addicted just like the rest of us!
    I started out with a Brother Innovis 4000D. It is easy to thread (automatic threader), easy to use (after a half hour lesson where I purchased it, I was off and running and could do almost any design I wanted), it uses the most common of formats for designs (PES), has a USB port so you don't have to worry about cards and it has worked hard for me. It is also a wonderful sewing machine so you don't have to only use it for embroidery.
    I have since purchased an upgraded model in a Brother PR-600. This machine has six spools of thread which will run at once before having to change thread, so works more efficiently, but is still easy to use and wonderful in the designs it can produce.
    There are also many Yahoo Groups and websites that give away free designs on a regular basis including alphabets, etc. These are groups of people from across the world who share an addiction and love of embroidery, have many various embroidery machines and are quite happy to help each other out with advice and embroidery problems.
    I hope this has helped you in your quest.


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  • Bethany answered 8 months ago
    Brother SE-270D is discontinued I guess. You would be better of going with Brother SE400. It is an excellent machine which does combo. More information


    Read http://www.best-home-ideas.com/2014/07/b...
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  • iris h answered 8 years ago
    Hi, i have a singer XL 1000 that i enjoy very much and you don't have to use a disk to what you want , it has an alphabet included on the machine plus other things i think you would enjoy, just follow the manual directions
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  • What sewing/embroidery machine should I purchase?
    All I want to do is embroider my granddaughters names on sweatshirts etc. When I read the specs on these machines they all have programmed disks. Can I choose letters and create their names with the Brother SE-270D? Is there a better machine? I know very little about embroidery but I do sew. I need a new machine but I'm confused as to what these embroidery machines do or don't do. How exactly would I achieve what I want to do - what are the steps to create the name Elizabeth for instance?
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