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i tried masterbating and it feels so so so so so good, is it suposed to feel so good, and is there suposed to be a point when white stuff (sperm 0 shoots out cause it happens to me, more
Update : when the sperm shoots out, it feels really good is that normal. i was to more
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Congratulations. You just discovered the cheapest form of entertainment that you will enjoy for years to come (no pun intended.)

No there is nothing wrong with it. Join the billions and billions of humans that do it so relax and don't forget to practice safe sex when you get a girlfriend.
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  • marknbrandon answered 7 years ago
    And, adding to Bill D's comments

    Its even more fun when you learn the art of control - i.e getting to a certain point, then stopping, then starting again - multiple orgasms - brilliant!
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  • bill d answered 7 years ago
    the more you do it, the better you're get at it
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  • ßübblëš answered 7 years ago
    Completely normal!
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  • d93end answered 7 years ago
    hell yea its supposed to feel good thats part of making ur self feel good when ur feeling low
    just dont let it consume ur life dont beat off more than 5 times on a daily basis
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  • cdr dsw = <3 [11/1/10] answered 7 years ago
    yes its supposed to feel good and yes your supposed to ejaculate (have sperm come out)......go ahead keep doing it.....
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  • Geo answered 7 years ago
    That is what is supposed to happen. The really good feeling is what sex is all about. Now that you know what to do just keep doing it as often as you like. It is good for you and should be done as often as you feel the need. Just keep it personal and private.
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  • K K answered 7 years ago
    Nothing to be concerned about, it sounds like all your systems are working well just as they are intended to work for a man so enjoy it as often as you desire. One more thing you should understand is you are M A S T U R B A T I N G, if you are going to do it you should know how to spell it.
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  • some kid answered 7 years ago
    completely normal. semen is supposed to shoot out, which is what your talking about. The sperm is the thing inside the semen that fertilizes the egg. Almost all males do it.
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  • J answered 7 years ago
    Yeah you are normal. you need to grow more before white stuff come out
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  • Mark answered 7 years ago
    ummm how old are u? and yeah it should feel good
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  • im asian =D answered 7 years ago
    no your sperm is actually a germ that will cause rashes and eat whatever it lands on and it burns so yeah.


    no not really, i'm assuming that's normal i mean isnt that how you get people pregnant?
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