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Yahoo chat?

OMG Yahoo chat is so slow and just full of those automated messages.

How come it won't work anymore?

No one seems to go on it now and I don't understand why it takes so long to join in a room every time you log in. Sometimes it says invalid user or signing onto chat took longer than expected try again later... and then there's hardly anyone else in there and its just full of bots with advertising for adult websites and absolute crap. Can someone tell me what they're (@Yahoo) doing about it?

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    For hassle free chat on yahoo read below ....

    Messenger has always been unreliable in chat even from the early days of it's conception.

    I have found YaZak to be a reliable chat client, and YaZak is working it is a very reliable chat client, and you can turn the boot shield on the protect yourself against booters etc.

    Yazak chat client download click it >

    uncheck the anti bounce feature and click,Join room fast

    make sure you update it b4 entering chat

    If you want to chat on yahoo it is best to use a chat client, view other chat clients here >

    These yahoo chat clients have been made by people who are actually in the "yahoo chat help room 1" under computers and the internet.

    Chat clients for Macs >

    What they are doing about it >

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    ok there's a couple of things we can do.first click

    on thi address below.

    then go to this other address and download these programs

    they are all free and will keep your pc running sweet.


    avg anti spyware 7.5

    ad-aware 2007

    the address is

    good luck.

    c yah..

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