Question about frames?

I'm going to give a charcoal portrait of a friend to her, on her B.Day... Should I put it on a frame? What kind of frame would suit a black and white drawing?? What colour should it be...?

Than u 4 ur attention...

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  • helene
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    1 decade ago
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    Framed is good. Otherwise her nice charcoal portrait will get smudged and wrinkled.

    Matted is also good. This keeps the glass and the paper separated. It also gives space around the image, which is more restful to the eye.

    If you use a mat, you can also use any frame color or style you like. Anything from black or silver metal sectional frames (an inexpensive option) all the way to gold leaf.

    I pick up cheap frames in the picture section at Good Will all the time. I discard the art and reuse the frame. It's nice to find a larger frame with glass in it. I have repainted, refinished, or releafed dozens of frames myself, and the people I give them to would never know the difference.

    I have boxes and boxes of frames. I always say, if you've got a frame, you've got a gift!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Helene said it all..

    The mat is very important for the reason she said. The charcoal will end up on the glass if you don't.

    Her ideas for saving money are invaluable.. but you may need to go to a frame shop for a good mat.

    Get the frame first and make sure it's at least 2 " bigger on all sides than the composition of your drawing, - black is fine for a charcoal drawing. Then pick mat that looks best based on your work... shades... and frame... the person in the frame shop can help with that.

    20+ yrs. framing and 30+ yrs artist.

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  • hmmm....I would think double matting (one black, one white)...and a frame that either matches or complements the decor in your friend's room/house. Pick a frame that needs finishing and make it custom.

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  • 5 years ago

    sophisticated matter. look with google or bing. that might help!

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