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Dell and Alienware?

Why did Dell link up with Alienware?

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    I honestly believe it was mostly based on customer service issues. Next came marketing a name for Alienware.

    Alienware as it is by its self had unreliable customer service and was often categorized as being an UN worthy computer because of it. Unfair is how I seen it, they are generally great computer systems as such for extreme gamers and people who just prefer the big guns in hardware/software technology.

    Dell almost over looked the offer but soon realize that it would also generate an even better marketing name for them. Not only would Dell make Alienware customer service better but Alienware would make sells go sky high for Dell and company.

    I think they are going to also link software and such because it would make both Dell and Alienware more reliable in the near future and make for great partner ship and respect for one another as individual companies setting for the future.

    Either way with Dell and Alienware software being linked I doubt customer service would even exist lol??? j/k!

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    Alienware wanted a company with their own business philosophy in mind, and they do want to expand, and Dell seemed to be a good backbone for some of their upcoming financial endeavors. (ie new projects)


    Just kidding...Alienware will oddly enough, not be putting Dell logo's on their product, and vice versa.


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    high budget buyers (gamers etc) don't even think about Dell so dell bought one of the companies that they do buy from to (indirectly) take advantage of these group

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