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Anonymous asked in Food & DrinkOther - Food & Drink · 1 decade ago

Is olive oil heathier than regular oil? If consumed alot of olive oil will it be as damaging as using any oil?

I use olive oil in all my food! Even the butter is made of olive oil.

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    Olive oil is still a fat and our total intake of fats should be reduced as much as possible. But, as we can't completely eliminate fat totaly from our diet, Olive oil is better for you than corn oil or "off the shelf" vegetable oill, as it it a cholesterol reducing, monounsaturated fat.

    Actually SOME fats are essential in our diets and help to enable the body to repair itself. For example we STIL need a little bit of animal fat, as it contains Palmatate and maleate which is an essential fat that helps the body repair the Mesentarys (conective tissue) in our body and animal fat is the ONLY source of these essential fats. You just have to kep i mind that the old way of thinking, "if a little is god then a lot must be even better". This is False, ONLY a little is good, a lot can be harmeful. Better to live by the older adage, "everythng in moderation". That way you don't load up with too much of any one thing.

    Raji the Green Witch

  • 1 decade ago

    it depends on what other oils you are comparing olive oil to. Olive oil is rich in monosaturated fat which is considered to be good for you. It contains less trans fat then regular oil. It a fruit oil so its good for you no matter what. It also is great for your skin and hair. It makes an easy moisturizer for both when you need extra moisture or are running out of a lotion/conditioner. Hope this helps.

    Source(s):, personal experience.
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    Answers above are all great and accurate. I just thought I'd throw in that I've read that coconut oil and peanut oil are also good for cooking. Coconut oil does have high amounts of saturated fat, but it is of a specific type that is good for you, and I read it is considered the best cooking oil because of its stability and high smoke volume. Of course moderation is key, but olive oil is still definitely much better than others like palm and vegetable, even if you do overindulge on occasion.

  • Nae
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    1 decade ago

    Olive Oil is a very good oil for you. Canola and Olive are the top two..anything else you should avoid.

    If you are just eating it in an everyday diet I wouldnt worry about it. I use olive oil in all my cooking too and if your body gets too much, it will rid itself of the excess.

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    Olive oil is still a fat. It is largely monounsaturated, meaning it has one double bond in its chemical structure (the bonds make it unsaturated). There are different degrees of healthy vs unhealthy oil.

    Olive is one of the best, it contains no saturated and no trans fat.

    Palm oil or palm kernal oil is the worst. It is saturated and also contains high levels of trans fats. Try to avoid these at all costs. Although it sounds as if you prepare your own foods and do not use many processed foods, where these are found.

    Olive oil and canola oil both lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol.

    The best way to describe these are like trains. The LDL "train" carries cholesterol into "town" ( the arterial walls and tissues. Which leads to stroke and heart attack.

    The HDL "train" carries cholesterol out of "town". (it is recycled into bile or excreted or used to make sterol hormones.) HDL can actually remove cholesterol that has accumulated in your tissues. Which is why having a higher level is better.

    Trans fats raise LDL cholesterol and lower HDL cholesterol.

    Now you see why this is a problem and why trans fat and foods like olive oil is "good"* for you.

    *Olive oil is still a fat, like all oils it contains 14g of fat and 120 calories per Tbs.

    Source(s): I have a B.S in nutrition with a concentration in dietetics.
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    Yes it is. Because olive oil contains monounsaturated fat, it can lower a person's risk of heart disease. Like with anything else, I would consume in moderation.

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    Olive oil is much more good (in quality) than other. In Italy we use to put it into salads.

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