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酒店提供的invitation card是fill in the blanks:


requests the pleasure of the company of


for ________ (3)_________

at ___(4)_____, xxxxx Hotel, xxxxxx HK

on ___(5)_______________

R.S.V.P (contact number)

(1)Groom & Bride's name (由一對新人做host)

(2) ??????????

(3) Wedding ceremony & banquet

(4) Name / floor of the room

(5) Date



想特別指出6 pm ceremony及 830 pm banquet,時間於哪裡加上呢?

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    1. Should be the names of the bride's and groom's parents.

    2. Name of bride and groom.

    You can add 6 pm ceremony及 830 pm banquet at the end.

    But seriously, you should custom print your own invitation.

    Fill in the blank 婚禮請柬 is kind of tacky.

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    (2) name of guests

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