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College? whats it like?

college is becoming a big interest to me. i'm a junior in hi-school and was college like hi-school except u have to pay for stuff? and do you still take like those chore classes in hi-school like english, history, math or is it more like it depends on what u want to be majoring in that requires those subjects? cuz if i wanted to be like a chef, i wouldn't want to be taking classes that have nothing to do with it u know? this question may seem like a "DUH" but i've been getting mixed answers. so be clear, be specific. i just want straight forward answers. thanks =) and i also find math not my best subject so will college like have to make u do it if ur not interested in it? thanks again.

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    1 decade ago
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    I just graduated college and trust me: you have to take those classes you are talking about. Not everyone takes the SAME core classes, but your major will tell you which ones are required. It will depend on if you are an arts (history, psychology, sociology, english, etc) major or a math/science type major how many of each type of class you will need and how in depth they will go. But don't stress about it. Your academic advisor will lay everything out for you when the time comes. And no matter how heavy your course load may be, college will be the best time of your life!

  • 1 decade ago

    I've been at this college thing for 8 full years now (starting 9 on Monday. . . went to grad school), and here would be my take on it:

    Presuming you're going somewhere away from home. . . well, first you have to make yourself get up and go to your classes! I know that sounds silly, but there will probably be tons of distractions that would like to keep you from doing that, but you either learn to set your proper priorities soon or you may not make it. Depending on your major, you may have a ton of homework that's just "recommended" (not for points) but very much worth it once you get to taking a test on the material or whatnot. In short, you're supposed to take a lot more of the responsibility for your own education. . . professors often range from either being annoyed if they have to babysit you by reminding you all the time what you still need to do, to letting you just metaphorically hang yourself in their class, to just dropping you from the class after a few weeks or so if you don't try hard enough. (The higher-level courses are worse about that since you're supposed to be able to handle life on your own after a couple of years of college life.)

    As far as courses. . . you're probably going to have to take some of that basic science/math/english/history stuff when you start, but you start shifting toward mostly just relevant topics for your major by at least the late 2nd or early 3rd year. That doesn't mean it gets any "easier", just hopefully more using what you really enjoy learning about. Those last couple of years may really make you hate your major by the time you graduate, but hopefully that starts to go away once you're done and onto something else.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hey, math is also my weakness.. SUPER!! Though I never got a failing grade from the subject, it was my lowest.

    When you are in college, you still have to take subjects like Math, Science and English but you'll focus more on your major subject.. As for you, if you want to be a chef, you still have to have Amth since cooking involves calculations. English is also a requirement because you should be able to know the meanings of the terminologies for cooking.. And Science, so that you may consider the health of your consumers later on..

  • sutter
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    5 years ago

    College is a blast! Hard however good valued at it! There are many categories, in most cases you are taking 12 or extra credit to be complete time, one elegance would be one million-four credit. The tougher the category the extra the credit. There is needed categories for each measure, that quite often makes up your agenda, you simply ought to come to a decision while and in what order you wish to take the ones categories. There are electives which are required, and the ones are a laugh, categories that you'll be able to opt for, however such a lot techniques do not require you've gotten many electives. Theses... I have by no means needed to do one. Usually ninety-one hundred A, eighty-ninety B, 70-eighty C etc. Of path each instructor is a little bit distinct however that's simply the natural. The predominant topics rely at the measure you're running toward. I am in Health and kinesiology and my predominant discipline is Biology. There are many many extracurricular pursuits at Universities, golf equipment,physical activities, parties and so on... Cutting elegance- relying at the dimension of your elegance- if you're in a auditorium with enormous quantities of scholars, no one will discover out, however you continuously fail to see foremost stuff, so its now not a well thought. If you're in a smaller elegance, in most cases the instructor may have a rule approximately what number of days you'll be able to bypass, they in most cases enable for two. professors or scholar lecturers. No bell, you've gotten a suite time you get out and that's the time you depart, in many instances your instructor wont even hold you the gap time. Most of my 3 hour categories, my lecturers allow us to out an hour or so early. Classes can variety anyplace from 15- enormous quantities at a University. Most lecturers in a smaller elegance will present a few style of further credit score. I am now not the neatest character on the earth, I have continuously regarded myself natural, and possibly a little bit above natural in precise topics and I in most cases finish the semester with a so sure, its very viable.

  • 1 decade ago

    if you want to be a chef you go to school that specializes in that (trade school or culinary school..not a reg. univ college), so your question on taking irrelevant classes doesnt apply.

    college is not like high school at all because its 2435456 times better and not annoying people who try to be cool in class.

    you can find ways to get out of hard classes like math. if you go to a regular univ. take another class that covers the math section. i took geographical measurement which has nothing to do with math and got an A. we just measured **** on a map.

    im a senior and i love college. living at dorms is awesome too because its like a huge party the whole time. i def. recommend it.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    College is fun. I am enjoying it. At my school I have to have English,Math,Science classes to get my A.A. But it also depends on what college you get into.

    College is good. I hope you dont mine doing the all nighters. Like have major homework every night and have to stay up to finish it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    when i was in junior high i took a summer class at a community college. why dont you try it out? itll answer all your questions

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    its like high school but a harder, you never r told to do ur homework so do it.

    its hard, at least thats what ive been told

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