Why do religious people accept differing religious beliefs - yet are appalled by non-believers?

George W. Bush (1st) Said, "Atheist are


I know he wouldn`t dare say that about American muslims.

Aside from his comment, it seems like Christians in particular are appalled by non-believers. Yet generally tolerate different religious beliefs why?

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    it doesnt matter what religion you follow what's important is to know in a greater being. god does exist. if you at least stop to find him you'll see.

    some people make statement's that they dont believe in god or a goddess. but these are just word's iv'e yet to hear from a person who actually looked for god (in a serious way) and then to report nothing.

    if you expect to find nothing you will find just that. you cant recieve what your not willing to except.

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    I can only state my opinion, I really don't know what you mean by other religious beliefs. I think you may be thinking of other believers that still believe in the same God as Christians. See, If I met someone that said they were a atheist, and someone that said they were a satanist, then I would tolerate the atheist a lot better. You just have to realize that a lot of religions have the same beliefs even though there are some differences. That may be why you think they tolerate different religions more that non believers.

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    Good question, but there's no answer unfortunately.

    Of course, not all religious people are like that, though I know that many are.

    Another question: why can religious people see the logical flaws or credibility straining in other religious beliefs (no Protestant or Catholic really believes Jesus and God visited Joseph Smith in New York State or that Gabriel made Muhammad recite the Koran) but not their own (the same person may have no trouble believing Jesus was born of a virgin and Sarah gave birth at 90).

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    Because I guess they can't understand why someone wouldn't want a religion, which, in their life, provides a sense of direction. Therefore, someone without a religion is someone that can't really understand or relate to, whereas other religious persons they can. However, I can't really agree with you that many religious people accept differing religious beliefs- I know many people that would prefer atheism to a religion that violently clashes with their own beliefs.

    And don't listen to anything G Bush says, it is in no way a reflection of the American public.

    Source(s): Not overly religious, but not an atheist. A third-party view...
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  • Ahab
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    1 decade ago

    Well that is a complicated subject. Because Christians, it has been my experience have a difficult time accepting anything or anyone besides Jews, and even then with some difficulty.

    Probably because Jesus was a Jew. If they can't accept it it is probably because they are unravelled by the challenge of trying to prove that God exists. Many religious folks judge others.

    That is a crime to me. I think atheists take the rug from beneath their feed and they don't have a leg to stand on.

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    a lot of people do not accept other beliefs.Atheists are a step away from a change in interpretation of a religious text. The reason atheists are more prone to abuse is the are usually individuals not a group . if you are a group and are insulted(see Muslims) you can react as a group creating a larger reaction than one person

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    Its just sad how this world has become so intolerable and inconsiderate of different religious beliefs. I'm a muslim, and i do not get appauled by "non believers" of my religion.

    It is a sin for us, Muslims to disrespect others beliefs , race, sex..etc...

    As for President Bush, thats his opinion of athiests, but who cares what bush says? Should we really care what he has to say about any particular religious group? No, we shouldnt, so dont get all worked up...

    aight my friend?

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    Not all religious people are that way....but...some are hypocrites....They do not want others to try and prove them wrong....We are a threat....We could disprove their religion....

    I don't think it is right either....I do not think people even need a religion....Religion is good....for some....it gives hope and faith, but I do not have one....People without faith (non-believers) are "heathens" in the eyes of the religious....

    I dislike that when people do well and attribute it to a higher power....when it was them who worked hard to achieve it....

    Skiracer asked how in a world full of miracles....people could be non-believers....I think that what SOME people see as miracles are ridiculous....Why is it that when leaps in science and medicine cure people it is a miracle....or when people work hard to do well they thank a higher power for their achievements????

    This girl I know thinks that the Devil is whispering in people's ears....like gay people....She thinks they are gay because of the Devil....She was raised to believe that....And yet non-believers are the bad guys....She is Christian....She is very nice....but she believes almost everyone is going to hell....because they do not believe what she does and are sinners....

    Those of other religions have a faith....and could be persuaded....those without faith choose to not believe and therefore are heathenous....

    Source(s): I also want to add that I dislike it when people say they will pray for me, because I do not believe in their God....
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    properly, i think of there's an outstanding line. it is purely because of the fact what one would evaluate a ingredient for communicate and debate would desire to be taken as offensive and impolite to a diverse guy or woman. Its thoroughly subjective so i don't think of there is any genuine thank you to define it. individually, i don't recommendations human beings disagreeing with me or perhaps asserting that i'm incorrect. What I DO recommendations is while somebody tries to stress their faith down my throat. i'm Atheist, so I additionally despise while i'm informed i visit "burn in Hell" or something alongside those lines. regularly occurring, i think of you will locate many diverse solutions for this question, yet i don't think of one would properly be seen good over the different because of the fact it is so opinionated. Atheist Lilian

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    1 decade ago

    I don't know in what context he said this, but if he was referring to the ACLU trying to remove God from America I can see where he is coming from. It is just a fact - like it or not- that the constitution was based on Judeo-Christian principles. We get our inalienable rights from God and no man can take them away. I know everyone will disagree but it is just a historical fact.

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    1 decade ago

    GWB has a vision of the people of america bound deep in the clutches of religious doctrine. This vision is broken by people who are able to reason, to understand and to make judgments. These people stand in his way.

    These people are Atheists.

    They will save America.

    They will cast GWB and his republican cronies from power into a pit so deep they will never climb out. And so he fears them. And he calls them names. This is the way of religion.

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