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electric problems with beetles?

does anyone know of the year(s) VW beetles had electrical problems? so far i've heard somewhere in the 1999-2003 range.

also, at the dealerships, will they have beetles there for about $6,000-$9000?

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    Yes, the New Beetles from the time period of 1998-2003 had various electrical issues.

    Firstly, the window regulator issue on power window regulators is main source of scorn among owners; the attachment retainers from the window regulator cable to the glass are known to fail: VW has an extended programme to warrant the cable or retainer for 7 years unlimited milage from the date of sale or in service date whichever is first.

    This applies to VW New Beetles sold from 1998 till mid-2002, when a redesigned regulator was installed.

    Another electrical issue is one of headlight failures; a redesigned headlight harness was installed in 2000; earlier models could suffer headlights that fail to come on.. (it should be pointed out, though, that sometimes even the "re-designed" headlight harness have been known to fail..).

    This is a recall item; you can contact your local VW dealer, give them your VIN number (17 digit numbers on the door jamb, starting with 3vw....)

    Another issue is the stop light switch can cause the brake lights to stay on and drain the battery, or worse, not work at all and prevent the vehicle from being shifted out of park.

    This is also a recall item.

    Now, there is also a coil pack issue on some turbo vehicles; though I cannot remember if any New Beetles were involved on this recall.

    Window switches are known to fail or stick; so replacements for these is fairly common. Finally, there is a recall on the cruise control for some New Beetles. Once again, contact the dealer to have them run your VIN to check and see what recalls are still open.

    As far as price goes, I think you can find vehicles at the dealership for a New Beelte in that price range. New Beetle sales have been "soft", so finding one at your price point should be fairly easy.

    Hope this helps, a car nut.

    Source(s): 25 years on/off in Volkswagen dealership service departments.
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    rewire it.

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