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1 week hawaiin vacation tips pls???

family of 5- parents, 3 kids(18, 16, 3 yr old)

staying in oahu only

recommendations for activities, "must see" stuff

do's and donts

leaving in a week aug 15

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    HI, Sounds like this is going to be a great trip! Some of the stuff in my post will be stuff you will have to get right on b/c of timing, but you should be able to pull it off. The entertainment book is pretty key and you should still have time to get it or have it sent to your hotel in hawaii. Some of this stuff won't be for kids, but if you do happen to have one of the older ones watch the little ones you might be able to pull some of the "adult" things off. Ok here's my post:

    The 101 things to do in hawaii magazine can be purchased online and sent to you which has a ton of good coupons. Here's the link . You can also get it on the stands on the streets. I do that along with buying the latest entertainment book for honolulu to maximize my discounts. Oahu is a fantastic place to go on vaction and this post that I previously put together will def help you out too! This post ranges from Hiking,Hotels,Waterfalls all the way to clubs and were to get discount coupons. I hope this helps you out! Have a great trip!

    I love hiking Hawaii and this site is by far the most detailed. Manoa falls is one of my favorite falls to hike to and although not recommended the hike up past the first falls to the second, third and beyond are amazing. Many people go around the fence and up the banyan roots to the second falls and swim up above. I'm guilty of that too, but it is absolutely amazing and you can dive off the rocks into the water. This link will take you to a site that explains any trail on all the islands and is an absolute MUST see if you’re going to do any hiking on the island. The rest of this post is stuff I put together for someone else and has other helpful or useful info for travelers to Hawaii. Def go and check that site won't be disappointed. Hope this helps you out.

    I am a nature nut and Hawaii is a great place to enjoy our beautiful planet! I put this together earlier but wanted to share it with you because there are some things here that will help you out! Hawaii is definitely worth it! I just can't get enough of that place! I have been 6 times and I have found enough on Oahu to do that I haven't even ventured out to the other islands yet! Here are some things in Waikiki and around the island to do; Dukes is def cool and right on the beach, and if you want to dance you can head over to Scruples. If you like to drink then do it in your room cause it is way way to expensive at the clubs. I suggest going to one of the 50+ ABC stores and grabbing your alcohol there for much cheaper! There is a ton of eating places down on the strip but the real Hawaii is out of town. Take the bus or drive up to manoa valley and experience the rainforest and a natural waterfall! Take a trip to the north shore and go to Waimaia Valley and see some of the most spectacular fauna anywhere! If you adventurous hike along the ridges and see paradise from 4000 feet! I did that and loved every second of it..Ok well it was more like 8 hours of it but This link will take you to a site with very detailed info on hiking trails Diving and snorkeling are pretty awesome too! Hanuama bay is touristy and with good reason. You are guaranteed to see tons of fish and have a nice afternoon at a beautiful beach! Diving can be done just off shore and runs around 100 bucks for 2 tanks and you don't need to be experienced. Not far out of town you can jet ski or parasail. Wouldn't really bother with the jet skiing because they have too many rules in Hawaii but the parasailing is something you should at least try once. After that it gets kind of boring. In town the international market place is def cool and worth strolling through...a tip..go to all the kiosks and then go back and don't be afraid to barter..that's how it works there! On the weekend a really cool thing to do it go to aloha stadium for a huge flea market!!! I mean huge the tents go all around the stadium and everything you find for souvenirs in Waikiki you will find there for way I mean way cheaper!! Oh one last thing, you have to go to a Luau and the Paradise Cove Luau is the best. oh crap...just thought of something else that will help you out. Go to and buy the book for Hawaii and it will give you so many discount coupons it will pay for it self right away. I did and it worked great. I just found another site that has coupons that you can print off the web so check this one out too Don't forget that part..really do it and you won't be sorry. Many 2-1 coupons on dinners in the Entertainment Book. Waikiki is is really expensive so anytime you can save money it’s a good thing. I have been to Hawaii 6 times now and would love to live there. I hope you make it because you won't forget it! Aloha!

    Some more stuff:

    Must See Attractions

    Paradise Cove Luau - Best on the Island (get entertainment coupon"

    Polynesian Cultural Center - North Shore (can catch show here) Make sure you get the "entertainment coupon" At the 42-acre Polynesian Cultural Center, you can experience the everyday adventures of Pacific cultures first-hand. Immerse yourself in the habits and customs of the real Polynesia, while natives demonstrate the art of dancing with fire, making jewelry from plants and climbing 50-foot trees in bare feet. And our new “Go Native” activities let you try your hand at authentic activities and games in our seven native villages. Try Tongan spear throwing or participate in the Haka war dance of New Zealand. Enjoy the Ali’I Luau, named “Most Authentic” by the Kahili Awards, and the “Horizons” night show, featuring over 100 native performers

    Diamond Head - Cause everyone's doing it

    Waikiki- Can't go to Hawaii and miss the strip

    Manoa Falls - An easy hike with views and feel of the jungle and it's free!

    Hanuama Bay - Best tourist snorkeling in the islands!

    Drive the Pali Highway and go to the lookout

    Pink Cadillac is where most Japanese gals hang out and is located in Waikiki on Ena Road!

    Zanzabar in Waikiki it's in the Waikiki Trade Center on Kuhio Avenue.

    Pipeline Cafe in Honolulu located behind Dixie Grill.

    The Ocean's Club located in the Restaurant Row Shopping Center.

    The Mai Tai Bar located in Ala Moana Shopping Center located across from Bubba Gump 2nd floor from Shirokiya. The food & drink menu is awesome!

    Rumours nightclub is located in the Ala Moana Hotel.

    The Galaxy Club located at 1739 Kalakaua Avenue across the street from the back half of Hard Rock Cafe in Honolulu.

    Have fun! (cheap interisland flights)

    Makiki Heights drive - Tourists don't find this gem and it's amazing! MUST SEE. Check your map to get to Makiki Heights. Great views of the island

    Restaurants: There are tons of restaurants in Waikiki. If you are young and like to drink then drink b/4 you go out! The Pacific Beach Hotel has drink specials all week long and there a good deal. There are Mai Tai specials all over but DIXIES has the screamin Mai TAi which comes in a 32 oz glass and is about 6 bucks!!! Good Eats there too! For cheaper eats go outside of town over towards the Kaneohe side. If you do want to eat in Waikiki then I would highly recommend that you go to and buy the book for Hawaii. This coupon book will save you a ton on the island! Seriously every time I go I get the book and use all the 2-1 deals in it! Check ebay for it too sometimes you can get it dirt cheap!

    Source(s): Lots of info, I hope there is something you can take advantage of! Have a great trip!
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    First off, make sure you bring plenty of sunblock, especially for the little one. There is so much to do there.

    You have to go to Pearl Harbor. I can't imagine going to Hawaii and not doing that.

    Diamond Head is also something you have to see but it involves a lot of walking and climbing so it will be hard for the 3 yr old.

    You can also visit the Dole plantation. Which was pretty neat, there are a few little things for the 3 yr old. like a train ride.

    There is just so much to do. I advise you to plan ahead. I went to Kauai for 7 days and only Oahu for 3. We did everything on our own time and didn't go with any tour guides because you can leave or stay as long as you want and not worry about missing anything.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Have fun!

    Go to Walmart and buy snorkel gear because the beaches are amazing. Definately bring under water cameras.

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    Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

    Hawaiian Adventures Water Park

    Sea Life Park

    Buy cheap things(even though its only one dollar more)

    Maybe some zoos

    Fishing if you are interested

    Swimming at the beach (Bellows had announced a shark incident so find a map of beaches and look carefully)

    So that is some stuff i know about oahu i dont know much since i just moved here

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    I think you may need more time in Sydney because day trips to the Hunter Valley for a bit of wine tasting (check out the Gray Line website) and another day trip by train up to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains are well worth it.When u also spend a day doing tours of The Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge with a ferry ride to Manly from Circular Quay thrown in theres 3 days gone already.Then theres going for a walk thru the Botanic Gardens which adjoins the harbour and going to Doyles for lunch,visiting Darling Harbour etc.etc.Theres just not enough hours in the day It may not be vital to spend a day in the Alice unless airline schedules demand but definitely do the Uluru/Kings Canyon trip. For the Cairns leg a day trip to somewhere like Green Island would have to be on the cards and a bus trip out to the Atherton Tablelands and/or a scenic train ride to Kuranda would be well worth looking at. The best time of year for the trip would be April/October as thats the dry season up north and you'd also miss the scorchers in the red centre as well

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    Go to the Polynesian Cultural Center, the Honolulu Zoo, picnic lunch on Waikiki Beach, long walks (view the street performers near dusk: they are really something), rent a vehicle because TheBus pass would be toooo expensive for each person.

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    Don't know if you have a place to stay yet, but it is much more affordable to stay in a vacation rental, when you have a family. You can save a lot of money by having the choice to cook your own meals, and you have more room. Most vacation rentals are located in nice resorts so have pool, tennis and similar amenities as a hotel. Try this site if you need accommodation.

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    If you want some reading material, you might want to investigate the guide books this place puts out. I recommend these authors / publishers for very well written, candid, and honest recommendations. Well liked by those who used them.

    You can find them at Barnes and Noble and similar chains. Worth the $$$

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    Watch out for the big "Ka-hoona." <}:-})

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