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Would you feel physically sick if your Jewish friend invited you to his/her synagoge? Or if your Muslim friend invited you to his/her place of worship (the name escapes me)? Or if your Pagan and/or Wiccan friend invited you to join in a circle or ritual?

Would your answers still be as hateful as some of the ones in the previous answer? Would you really condone that? Does it matter who asks you as long as the invitation is asked with love?

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  • RB
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    1 decade ago
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    As a Christian I would go to a Jewish synagogue, as this is related to Christianity. As far as the others, if it were for a family celebration, yes, but if for one of their worship services, I would respectfully decline. I wouldn't be hateful to anyone.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    I didn't see any hateful answers in the question in the link. some smart-a-- ones yeah. but not hateful ones.

    Would I get physically sick with the invite. No. I have attended services of other faiths.

    If I understand the pagan rituals right, I would not be invited to participate maybe to watch but not participate.

    If as a Christian I want to show the love of Jesus...I have to work that soil and it has to be soft. so I love the folks. It is just my way.

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    I am a Christian with a very strong faith in God. My childhood and growing up years have been among those who follow different religions, particularly idolaters, and some muslims, of which some of my friends did invite me to either their place of worship or homes, where they were having a religious function. Though warned by my parents to be very careful and never worship / adore any of their idols, as a little boy in some cases I did go to their homes (not places of worship) not knowing what would happen. And in every case, I was so terribly grieved on watching humans worship idols and other worthless images, even trees, birds and animals, hoping that to gain salvation from those artifacts or creatures that cannot even save themselves.

    Going to a synagogue would be different, since I consider the Jews to worship the same God I do, i.e. God the Father. However, most Jews do not yet know Jesus Christ (as their saviour) and the gift of the Holy Spirit by His grace. This very Holy Spirit, the comforter, if indwelling within you would surely guide us from attending rituals / sessions that are parts of witchcraft, paganism etc. even if they are “supposedly with love.” Jesus explained that true love is where a person is willing to give his/her life for the ones he/she loves, as Jesus did for us. Those who are into such rituals only have outward love, in most cases they work just the way the serpent beguiled our first ancestors, Adam and Eve.

    Hating a person who is immersed in sin would be wrong, at least for now, for we do not know if that person may still be saved by God. Moreover, we all have sinned, and thus depend upon God’s grace to save us, rather than our own works (though our faith is made manifest through our works - so as Jesus plainly said if we have true faith in Him, we will produce good fruit). We must rather spurn their advances, if they choose to involve us in their practices, which we know to be of a sinful nature. And let us leave it to God to judge and punish those who reject Him, when the time comes.

    To conclude, any ritual, session, black magic, witchcraft etc. will not and does not affect me -- that is the level of my faith in God who has always been with me. However, there are certain things that do affect us physically, for instance if I choose to jump off a building, won’t I get hurt? (Even if my soul can only be destroyed by God, and God alone - no one else can touch it!)

    God may save me, if He chooses to, for He is able; but I would be tempting Him and that would be a sin. In addition, everyone’s faith in God is not perfect so let us dwell on building our relationship with Him rather than have our focus on the elements of this world, which will perish eventually.

    May God bless you,


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  • 1 decade ago

    Of the witch invitation I can not but that does not mean we can not be friends. Of the others, I guess I might visit if the Lord allows. My friends will always be my friends.

  • 1 decade ago

    Islamic temple = Mosque.

    I would feel awkward going to places of worship, but not physically sick.

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