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Does Windows Readyboost actually improve performance?

I'm planning on getting a laptop for Christmas with Windows Vista Home Premium installed with 1GB of memory. However I,ve read that its better to have at least 2gigs.

So I kinda have two questions now actually, does using Readyboost with a USB flash drive make the OS faster and how hard is it to add memory to a laptop?

Oh and this is the laptop I'm planning on buying,

Oh and no offense but I would not like any answer with, "Get Ubuntu!".

Thank alot!

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    as i can see you pick a nice Acer laptop with Turion x2 TL-52 1.6ghz, with 1 giga of ram 256 video


    that laptop comes with 2 sticks of 512mb which means if you buy this settings your 2 slots of ram will be full and if you later want to upgrade to more ram you will have to replace the 512 memories already installed

    Lets start

    now your video is Shared Video Memory 256mb

    this amount of memory will be taken from your 1 giga if you use all the 256 of memory then

    1Giga = 1024mb

    1024 -256= 768mb left for windows

    right now i am using windows vista home premium on my laptop and only using the system resources plus internet explorer is taking 685 mb

    lets count again 768 - 685 = 83 mb left for other resources

    now been realistic i think you wont use all the 256 mb of video but if you use 64 mb will give you

    275 mb left for other aplications which is really a small amount of ram and will make your laptop feel like an old Pentium III

    i had a very similar laptop than the one you are going to buy and i replaced within a week because 1 giga is a nightmare for windows vista home premium,

    after that i replace it for a 2 giga system which runs very good

    Now lets talk about the Readyboost

    the ready boost helps improve speed of windows vista but it wont be a lot more, if you have a USB 2.0 Drive of 2 gigas or 4 that you are willing to use for that porpouse you can give it a try and feel the perfomance according to your needs, i personally dont use it to be honest.

    the laptop acer is a very good brand i myself have seen how good they are built and i have been in the acer building in taiwan on my vacations :D

    the turion x2 TL-52 processors is 64 bits which will let you in the future run 64 bits applications (in the future) it is better than the Core Duo 1.6ghz and is at the same level of Core 2 Duo 1.66ghz in the tests

    in few words that laptop is a nice system but i really recommend you to use 2 gigas of ram , because i have experience the feeling of running 1 giga laptop with windows vista home premium and later 2 gigas (my new laptop)

    wish you can make a good decition and pick the best for you

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    Adding RAM depends on your laptop, but most newer laptops should come with expandability for RAM.

    As far as Readyboost goes, I would recommend checking the details at

    One thing I noted was the mention of using 1-3 times as much flash memory as you have RAM.

    That means if you have 1 gig of RAM, you are going to want to use a flash memory device at lesat 1GB or higher, and from what I understand, it's not the same as adding 1GB of RAM, or even close, although you will see improvements.

    Note that there are also requirements for the type of flash memory devices you use to work properly.

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    ready boost does work but more ram is better. it is very easy to install more ram. usually u just have to open a small part under the laptop and just slide a new stick of ram in.

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    an analysis of your question can be found at:

    for a review of laptops, got to:

    have fun!

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