I want to buy a MacGregor 26 sailboat where is the best place to find one?

I have been looking for a MacGregor 26 x or M sailboat for about a month now . I have look on the internet and the boating magazines. I am willing to spend up to 15000 US to find one that suits me. any year 1997 to 2005. does anyone know of a site. I live in Sault ste. Marie Ontario Canada and I'm willing to travel up to 500 miles. thank you

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    Here is some MacGregors for you. They're about 15000 USD, but maybe you'll find a solution with brokers.

    1. MacGregor 1995 - http://www.yachtcouncil.com/yacht-info.asp?vessel=...

    2. MacGregor 2006 - http://www.yachtcouncil.com/yacht-info.asp?vessel=...

    Good Luck!

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    I surely have a buddy who crossed the Atlantic in a 14' boat. that could be slightly too small for me. in case you opt to circulate an ocean in a small boat it must be a nicely made boat. A MacGregor isn't ok made, or very solid. there's a race called the mini-transat wherein persons race 21' boats around the Atlantic. The boats are outfitted particularly for that purpose yet even a number of them do no longer make it. try beginning out via getting positions as team on different peoples boats. You get a similar journey, see a similar places yet have not got the value or the difficulty. you will circulate extra beneficial, learn extra, and have extra relaxing as team on a nicely run boat.

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    Please do yourself and everyone else a favor and look for something else. These are an eyesore, they're poorly built, and are a bad excuse for both a powerboat and a sailboat. Most boat owners look upon them and their owners with disdain.

    Source(s): Marina & Boatyard manager
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    Check the web site for Soundings.

    MacGregors seem to have a following, but they neither sail nor motor well. There is a group of owners, you might try that group for leads in your area.

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    go on


    you should find one there.

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