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SO...call the President a "moron", get a violation notice >>>?

Is that how it works around here? All the conservatives join hands & chant scripture & talk about how "courageous" W is and how history will prove him to be a "great" leader. And that's fine. You're entitled to your opinion. We can even disagree respectfully. But to go so far as to report "abuse" on a stupid message board which is no more than a whimsical diversion for most of us and our daily routine?? Come on.

Three words for you, whomever you are:





Hey, mckenziecalhoun,

First, I'm quite sure I'm not your "son". Secondly, so I guess I should be apologetic for my sense of humor, as well as my political viewpoint?

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    I called "Jorge Bush" a twit and I got a violation. My statement is the truth. I can say he's a twit because I voted for him. That gives me the right.

    It is my Conservative opinion that our President is a total moron and is hurting our country. I have facts to back up my opinion - and I get turned in. I get accounts suspended for doing nothing wrong!

    To anybody that says if an account is suspended or you get a violation notice you had to have done something wrong and violated the rules - TOTALLY WRONG! They can terminated you at their "sole discretion" and not tell you why.

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    You can think whatever you want about George Bush, but he's still our President, my President - and some of us would like it if you could show more respect. You don't have to personally like him to respect his position as the leader of our nation.

    On another note, I get where you're coming from. I've had people report me one question or answer after another - and for no reason at all, really. Just trolling around, reporting 24-7/365.

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    I no longer gripe about violation notices.

    The more I get...the better i like it.

    Means some thin skinned delicate little pansy got UPTHET

    And I don't worry about account being deleted either.

    I'll just open another one.

    My primary e mail is gmail.

    Add: I will repost and I will ask for ideas about why the deletion

    but I will not communicate with customer service in India.

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    I remember that a few months ago on here, if an answerer was reported, the reporting actually went to the asker of the question instead.

    Not sure if Yahoo ever completely worked out the bugs on that.

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    Son, you ask them to get a life, that they are wrong for reporting violations of Yahoo! Answers rules (you don't get a violation for being reported, only if they find you've broken the rules), but you post things like this?:

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    Dingus M


    COuLd I bE pReGnAnT ?

    I was looking at leaked new Harry Potter book online and I had my pop-up blocker enabled but my firewall somehow got disabled. My virus protection runs every 28 days, but it's been 2 weeks since I cleaned my cookies & spyware. Lately my mouse has felt really tender and sore and my USB port smells different.

    Am I pregnant?

    You tell them to get a life?

    I've seen some of your posts. They're fine, but you aren't aware of your own actions some time.

    Good luck to you. Keep posting regardless. Try to drop the political bigotry. Focus on the issues.

    • mckenziecalhoun
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      Or me, mine?

      Why is it that those who excuse their behavior as "humor" have such trouble with the humor of others?

      How funny.

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    Don't you understand what the conservatives (Republicans) mean? Freedom for them but not for anyone else (they have a long list of those to hate)..

    But I know what you mean, it has happened to me and apparently many others from the responses I have received.

    As those responses told me, don';t take it personally, take it as a compliment !

    I bet I'll get reported for this too !

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    I am conservative and have gotten violation notices for much less than that so you need to lighten up and realize that SOME people of all stripes are over sensitive or like to play like little kids. It isnt a conservative vs liberal thing at all.

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    I can't count the number of violation notices I've gotten in total.

    And I'm conservative.

    It goes both ways.

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    You had every right to call Bush a moron. You told the truth.

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    hey i have a idea...go to iraq and fight for your fellow american freedoms. Our president may be a moron" but there is nothing YOU can do about it. So deal with it and support our country in hard times.

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