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What does the average eye exam/ eye glasses cost?

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    It depends on where you live and where you go! If you go to an optomitrist, usually located in LensCrafters, Pearl Vision, etc. you would pay about $50.00 for a complete eye exam. Remember if you want contacts, it's a completely different price. Staying with an optomitrist you're looking to spend about $125.00. Glasses is a whole different story...Average $350.00 and that's taking into account you want a frame that you like and not just a basic garbage frame. Shop around for the best eyeglass deal. Sundays paper always has deals. Remember, glasses are like jewlery for your face so make sure you like them a lot! And whatever you do, invest in the anti reflective coating, it makes such a HUGE difference in the appearance of the lens and how YOU see and how people see you. Best wishes and HAPPY SEEING!

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    Depends on where you go, and probably where you live. I live in northern California. Last month, I went for an exam and new glasses at an independent ophthalmologist, and it was $511 total. My frames were pretty spendy, though, and I had to spring for the ultralight lenses.

    The last time I got new glasses, I was rather poorer, so I went to Walmart. It was around five years ago so I can't remember for sure, but I believe it was around $200 to $250 total for the exam and the glasses, and that was in Minnesota, cheap frames and regular plastic lenses. I never get any kind of special coatings or finishes.

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    How much glasses cost depends on the type of frame and your perscription. You also have choices like light lenses, anti-glare coatings etc which put up the price. This is a bit like asking "How much does a laptop cost"

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