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What Is The Psychology Behind Car Crash Fetishism?

The 1996 movie Crash bothered my girlfriend so much that she left me in the theater. Since then, I've seen an increasing amount of car crash fetishism in art work.

What is the lure?

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  • LORD Z
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    1 decade ago
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    As you should have expected I liked that movie, though for the life of me I cannot explain why people make such a big deal out of it.

    The movie speaks about the connection between near fatal collisions and sex. It speaks of the adrenalin rush involved in both circumstances and the thought that feeling that close to death makes one want to experience life more, in particular sex, which is a major rush.

    Now throw the movie out, because; it probably has nothing to do with what you are asking which is about: art and the connection between a car crash and sex. I don't know if you have ever been through a major car wreck, but; it is a lot like wild sex in that you think that things are under control, going according to to plan and then wham, bam, blewie things are fast and furious and you are trying to work with the car to keep it on the road while it is tossing you around and things are flying all over the place all at once crash that feeling of pain mixed with quiet release happens before the car starts drifting back from the impact. Been there, done that. Artists can see the metaphor between giving yourself to the wreck and giving yourself to your partner.

    Back to the movie, the scar thing was a great touch. When you think about people trying to reconnect to a moment, they at the surface, the scars that remind them of the pin and that ultimate release. If this were a relationship then you would be looking at the break ups that remind you of the fight you had that lead to the realizations that kept you together.

    But you asked about fettish which is a huge topic we won't go to deep into because I feel from a past comment thatyou wrote that I research things you are not interested in and this would be one of them. This is one of those times to look into your Freud to look up retentiveness. Fettishes tend to follow the stage at which you are most stunted in your development, whether it be foot fettishes, sploosh fettishes, whipping fettishes, spanking fettishes, stomping fettishes, bondage fetishes and strangling fetishes, just to name some of the more popular sex fettishes. It seems the stage which you are stunted is the cause for your fettish.

    Then again you could just be into something you saw and coincidentally liked, so; you kept up with it, and it is not so much a fettish but a conscious desire for the pleasure it brings you. Some how that sounds like denial but if you think about it that is how you would explain any of your appetites. People will argue that this rules out the Freudian thing. It may.

    You have to base your decision on a case by case basis.

    It may be that the fettishist has other issues that make a fettish only a symptom of a bigger problem, or several bigger problems as the case may be.

    You asked this in the psychology section so you should expect that people are trying to figure all the diagnosis's that relate to a given trait, or habit, or practice, however you want to describe a fettish.

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    Many people simply have a hinkering for that which is taboo and wrong. In the case of amny tragedies and traumatic experiences our bodies are aroused (there is a great book call The body remembers, the psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma treatment) and it is the reinactment or the triggering of this state that draws some people to certain fetishes. Oftentimes we are unaware of where our fetishes stem from as the traumatic experiences may have been as children or even all too often truly blocked out, but the fetich remains. There are a striking number of rape victims who actually enjoy mock rape with someone they truly trust and feel comfotable wtih because the physical exitement brought about by the very real fear and rememberance enduced.

    So the answer is that there is a possibility that those obsessed with this are either simply drawn to that which is taboo, or they have had a traumatic experience which they can incorporate into their sexual activities for further excitement.

  • debbra
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    4 years ago

    Car crashes are in general used as instructing gear to disclose the connection among momentum, vigour, pace and mass. Generally the entire kinetic vigour (½mv²) is become warmness except there's a few residual pace after the crash. Momentum (m*v) is constantly conserved and identical to the normal drive*time of a collision.

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    It's an obsessive complusive disorder, not fetishism

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