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Do I drop Rex Grossman for Jeff Garcia? or Alex Smith? or David Carr?

Do I drop Rex Grossman for Jeff Garcia? or Alex Smith? or David Carr? or Trent Green? or Daunte Culpepper? or Joey Harrington? or Jake Plummer? or Charlie Frye?

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    I'd say for Alex Smith... SF is on the up-coming and have much improved their Offense. With Frank Gore running the ball and the addition of Darrell Jackson look for Smith to have a big year. Not to mention they play in a very weak division.

    Plus Grossman sucks 2/3 of the year... the other 1/3 he plays like a top 5 QB, but he's not worth the risk!

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    I'll drop Rex Grossman for Alex Smith. Smith has better stats than Grossman.

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    Alex Smith

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    What about Matt Schaub???

    Of the people you mentioned...I would take Alex Smith or Joey Harrington. Harrington is throwing darts in camp and Smith might come around this year.

    If Rex is your starting QB...your sunk...get Schaub in there.

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    Drop him for either Alex smith, Trent Green or joey Harrington.

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    Rex grossman and maybe joey harrington while i would say carr but he had horrible blocking, cause grossman and harrington are the 2 most inconsistent qbs

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    If turnovers count against you in your league, then it might be a good idea. If not, Rex should have a good year. The talk of training camps according to ESPN's John Clayton is how explosive and fast the bears offense has been. Supposed to spread the field with an improved Berrian, super fast Deven Hester, and new TE Greg Olsen who is supposed to be a Jeremy Shockey type of player. If you can hold out through first bit of pre season, I would.

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    I'd drop him for Jeff Garcia. He's going to be the starting QB for the Buccaneers and is supposded to have a great year. He led the Eagles to the playoffs last year, so why not the Bucs this year. He can also run too. That will get you even more points.

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    Alex Smith for sure.

    Unless you play in a league that rewards you for having crappy Quarterbacks - then you want Joey Harrington, definitely...

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    Plummer is retired. Carr may not start this year - or at least the first few games if Jake Delhomme struggles.

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