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any imformation about an SCR (silicon controlled rectifier)?

i need to know wat it does and wat do the three wires all hook up to For ex: gate= power -anoide= power

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    An SCR blocks current in the reverse direction (cathode to anode) like a diode. It also blocks current in the forward direction (anode to cathode) until it receives a trigger pulse current applied to the gate terminal (-cathode, +gate). Once an SCR has been gated, it behaves like a diode and conducts current until it is forced to turn off (commutated) by some external event such as the reversal of the applied voltage. Since the AC line voltages reverses with every cycle, a rectifier circuit made with SCRs is naturally line commutated every time the cycle reverses.

    The output voltage of an SCR circuit is adjusted by delaying the gate pulse after the point in the AC line cycle where a diode would start conducting. The longer the delay, the lower the output voltage.

    One of the main uses for SCRs is to control the speed of DC motors. The converter and associated motor control circuitry is often called a DC drive or an SCR drive or even just an SCR. Converters are often used to dim incandescent lights and called light dimmers in that configuration.

    SCRs are also called thyristors, but there are also other types of thyristors.

    Source(s): General Electric SCR Manual Fifth Edition 1972
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    Basically SCR is like a diode with a control pin which control when to turn on or turn off a certain circuit. A diode is like a switch then adding a control when to turn off or turn on the switch then you got SCR.

    where are the wire hook up to?

    it depends on you application but in general the anode go to negative and cathode go to positive while the gate is your control( giving enough current turns on the circuit).

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    Go to Google and type in SCR Pin designations, and see what you get. You could test it with a meter, but that's long winded to explain, again the web shouls have lots of diagrams.

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  • 1 decade ago place to answer ur question..unless you know the component number for the SCR that you are using

    SCR is mainly used for controlling or perhaps seperating AC currents from DC currents. most common applciation is used in dimmer applications

    this site mite have something that you would want..


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    a rectifier which is controlled by silicon is known as "Silicon Controlled Rectifier" :) sry for taking ur time.. i know a bit, but not so deep.. guys..can smbody explain a bit more pls..

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    This should tell you everything you need to know (well, this and a spec sheet):

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    Chas EE has the best answer to this question.Hands down.I have nothing more to add.

    Source(s): AM FM Broadcast Engineer 17 years
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