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My Friend he's 15 and he looks at pthc what ever that means well he go to jail or get a fine?

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Update : i just want to know so i can tell him to stop
Update 2: sorry for asking this for him but hes a good friend and he asked me to ...show more
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Depends on what country you live in. A lot of governments are now monitoring traffic on blacklisted websites and torrents. Downloading/Uploading such files on public torrent networks is asking to be busted - people get notices from the MPAA/RIAA all the time. Something as serious as child pornography won't go lightly. Don't underestimate the amount of monitoring that exists on the Internet. It might not be an Orwellian dystopia but it's close.

I am not suggesting you teach him about encrypted connections and private torrents or things like that but rather educate him. If it becomes a habit, eventually, someone will come across it. You are a friend but some one less of a friend (room-mate, angry ex-gf etc.) could call the cops and bust him for revenge. With the way laws are these days, a single picture on his computer could mean a lifetime registered as a sex offender. It's too big a price to pay for some fetish.

If it's out of curiosity, he's probably seen enough to satisfy it. If he's still downloading it, he might have a problem. Maybe not now but in the long-term.


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  • fiftythree answered 10 months ago
    "pthc" is "Child Porn, Hard Core", It is seriously frowned upon. and is pursued at an almost "ss" Nazi pace. non sexual pictures of young children (a.k.a. nudist sites) are legal, as long as the children are not in sexual positions (legs open, young boys erect, etc.). I have "mixed emotions" about the subject, but understand, the internet IS POLICED in a Nazi style, Take no prisoners attitude, if he is caught, he is in trouble. "Curiosity" is not an excuse. (Although it is ironic, that those who judge such things, regularly look and decide,( if it's a crime to even look, aren't they guilty, as well?) It is still out there, and there are (probably) ways to view it. but you have to be a lot more "computer Savvy" than I am, if you wanted to. Tell him the Serious risk, but, ultimately, the choice is his. It walks all over our rights of free speech etc. But it is the Law.(P.S. It has NEVER been proven that viewing it leads to "acting it out" any more than Pot has been proved to lead to harder drugs)
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  • johanna c answered 8 years ago
    If pthc stands for pre teen hard core, it is child porn and illegal. It is very serious.


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  • thebrockmillionaire answered 8 years ago
    I guess you mean pre-teen hardcore pornography? If that's the case, tell him to stop. They scan for people with that stuff so tell him to stop immediately or yes he could face jail time.
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  • J'adore answered 8 years ago
    I don't know what pthc is. but if it's kiddy porn then yeah he will eventually get caught.
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  • Animonster answered 8 years ago
    He can go to jail if the cops find him on one of the sites. i would be more worried about this moving onto something worse like pedaphelia or kidnapping.


    if you dont know pthc is child pornography
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  • jimobasa answered 8 years ago
    What is pthc?
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  • my Friend he's 15 and he looks at pthc what ever that means well he go to jail or get a fine?
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