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請問洋基小聯盟ERIC DUNCAN今年怎麼了

今年無論BASEBALLAMERICA TOP100 或洋基小聯盟10大新秀都沒有ERIC DUNCAN今年它到底怎麼了 請告訴我原因10點

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    Is There Any Hope For Eric Duncan?

    By John Sickels

    Posted on Tue Aug 01, 2006 at 02:43:18 PM CDT


    Is There Any Hope For Eric Duncan?

    Eric Duncan was drafted by the Yankees in the first round in 2003, out of high school in West Orange, New Jersey. His lefthanded power bat was well-regarded by scouts, although there were mixed opinions about his ability to remain at third base in the long run. He had a successful rookie debut, then an adequate season in 2004 split between the Midwest League and the Florida State League. Last year he was pushed to Double-A, where at 20 he was one of the youngest players at that level. He did not do well, knocking 19 homers but hitting just .235 and striking out 136 times in 126 games.

    This year the Yankees started him off in Triple-A, and he was even less effective, hitting .209/.279/.255 in 31 games for Columbus. He was sent back to Double-A Trenton in early June and has done better, hitting .266/.363/.532 with 10 homers. Nevertheless, overall he's been something of a disappointment given his high draft status and lofty expectations. He has had a lot of problems with breaking pitches. Is there hope for him?

    rom being rushed, and there's no guarantee that he will pan out in the way originally envisioned. But give up on him? It is way too early for that. I doubt he'll ever hit for a great batting average, but his power potential remains very intriguing.


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    ERIC DUNCAN 的基本資料

    今年一直在洋基3AScranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees隊中 1號網友給的是去年的資料=.=

    不過和去年一樣 在3A還是打的很差 一點都不像洋基球團給他的評價-『最有力量的打者』全壘

    打目前才8支 打擊率一直提升不到2成5 不過還有3年可以慢慢磨練啦 若要進百大受期待的新秀中的話 基本上在小聯盟的攻守要有特別突出的表現才行

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