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will my shirt shrink in the dryer? 100% cotton.?

its 100% cotton and will it shrink in the dryer?

should i just air dry it by hanging it up???

&& what wont shrink and what will???

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    100% cotton= shirt shrinkage.

    Just hang it up to dry

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    Anything that is more than 50 % cotton is at risk of some shrinkage, with higher cotton contents the more shrinkage you will see. Hot water in the washer will also shrink your clothes, but probably not as much.

    Hanging it up to dry is a good idea, but as was pointed out, depending on the weave of your fabric hanging on a hanger could cause the fabric to pull and leave dimples in your shoulders or worse, stretch the fabric there beyond recoverable. A better plan is to find a place where it can drape over something or lay flat to dry and then hang.

    Good Luck.

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    Cotton shrinks... unless it's a blend, i.e, cotton, polyester. Rule of thumb: (wiggle right thumb, grin) if you like it and it fits, wash it (in washer or follow tag directions) and simply lay it flat to dry or hang it up... If it is lightly wrinkled, iron on low setting, plus your colors don't fade. Jeans, well they don't shrink if you don't put them in the dryer. Bras, ligerie best bet is to never put them in the wears them out twice as fast and they won't fit right again. Silk, satin doesn't go in the'll burn the check the tags, when in doubt, don't. I wash ligerie in Woolite, delicate setting in laundry bag toss in the washer, smells wonderful and lay out to dry. After you get in the routine, you'll love it. Clothes last twice as long. Have fun, good luck..should you want to really simplify your life take everything to the cleaners but lingerie. Expensive, but you don't buy clothes so much.

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    If your dryer has no heat or fluff cycle use that to dry your 100% cotton shirt. you can hang it but be careful of hangers they leave they impression on the shirt

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Cotton will deffinately shrink. It's about the only material that does shrink.

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    im pretty sure washing it in hot water helps it to shrink, but i dont know if it works only when paired with the dryer, or if line drying will work too. its worth a try.

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    well, i'll tell you this. if it CAN shrink in the dryer, ya know, if it has the posibility to shrink, it MIGHT shrink. if you DON'T put it in the dryer, it probably won't shrink (no duh). air dry it, it's the best way to go with 100% cotton.

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    it should not shrink i put all my husbands shirts in the dryer and they all come out fine and easier to iron

  • Irv S
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    1 decade ago

    Look at the label. - Care instructions.

    Is it pre-shrunk?, Dry clean only?

    If it's not marked Dry clean only, it's mean to be washed.

    Just use low heat, and maybe line dry to finish.

  • March
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    1 decade ago

    I had so many shirts shrunk from dryer!

    If you are not sure, don't risk it! not worth throwing away nice shirt

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