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why is it accepted to fly the confederate flag but not the nazi flag?

aren't they both flags representing a government that encouraged oppression and ignorrance?

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    The confederate flag is part of our national heritage, and whether you like what it stands for or not, it is still a part of our heritage.

    The Nazi flag is part of German heritage, and they have become so ashamed of what they did, they killed off millions of people, just because they could that they do not like it to be flown.

    The confederate flag symbolizes more than just a government that allowed slavery.

    The Civil war was about many things that at the time were much more important than slavery. The North didn't really care about the injustice of slavery. They were concerned far more with the fact that the South had become obscenely wealthy off of their exports, chiefly cotton and tobacco, while the North as struggling to create an economy based on manufactured goods. The slaves were how the Southern people were able to make their profits, so since slavery was slowly becoming unacceptable in civilized countriesthey chose that issue to bicker about publicly.

    If you'll notice Abraham Lincoln set free only slaves in the South in the Gettysburg address, not the slaves in the North, and there were slaves in the North at the time of the Gettysburg address, their freedom didn't come until after teh Civil War was over.

    Politically speaking the Civil War was really about State rights versus Federal rights. Our founding fathers envisioned a country where, we would operaste much like the European Union does today. Different self governing states, that banded together in times of need, to defend themselves, but that ruled themselves. Before the Civil War people in this country thought of themselves as Texan or from New York or Kentucky. Because each State was its own entity that was seperate from all the rest. It wasn't until after the Civil War that people began to truly identify themselves as American. The Civil War created Big Government, because it took away the State's right to disagree with the Federal government.

    But their is a long history associated with the Civil War flag, much of it ignored, because we are told in school that the Civil War was about slavery. It wasn't read it for yourself.

    Also at the time the North was just as oppressive, if not more so, to its factory workers that came from all over the world and were paid pennies a day to slave away. Those conditions existed right up into the 20th century.

    Also the South was asserting its right to disagree with the federal government. The Germans were hell bent on orld domination and the creation of a master race. They were dedicated to war and genocide. The South while allowing slavery (most of the soldiers in the rebel forces were voluteers and did not own slaves), was not trying to exterminate anyone, nor were thay trying to conquer the world.

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    The Confederate flag is part of our Nations heritage and my heritage. My family died for that flag. We had that flag before slavery ever took place so get over it. If you don't like don't fly one. if it bothers you then too bad. It my right. Just like it is your right to be an ignorant bleeding heart that doesn't know anything about The Great Confederate flag.

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    Flying the Confederate flag is rarely accepted.

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    that's a good question.

    and to the first answer.

    you barely see any in north, but in the south and they're everywhere.

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