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I'm just signed up for an affiliating marketing program. I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with this type of business. Is this a good business? I would like to hear the good as well as the bad. Maybe some good advice on some niches to foucus on. Any tips would be great. I've tried some home business opportunities before but they all were scams. I really want to succeed with this. Thanks to all.

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    You could focus your niche on things people really want, not what they need because not many people buy what they need they buy what they desire!

    You could go to ebay and check the ebay pulse section and find out what people are searching for and buying the most,and then drill down into that niche so that you are not competing in a general niche where thousands of other people are promoting their stuff.

    The Lycos top 50 is also another good source to find out what is being searched for the most.

    When you find a hot niche you will need to milk it for all it's worth! which means setting up a website with articles on the niche you have chosen,plus the affiliate products you want to promote on there as could also set up an autoresponder so that you can catch peoples email address so that you can carry on selling to them even when they have left your site.

    You will also need to write some unique articles based on highly searched for keywords that have low competion anything under 50,000 competing pages should be fine,submit them to ezine articles and include your link to your website in your authors resource box,try to write at least one article per day.

    if you do not want to pay for a website then you can easily set up a free blog with either blogger or wordpress.

    remenber to update it daily.

    another way to get traffic to your site or blog is to set up a squidoo page on a specific subject in your niche and link it back to your site or blog.

    There is a lot more than this to it but if you take it step by step and continue to build around your niche then over time you will start to see the money coming in.

    If you are stuck for ideas on how to find a profitable niche then checkout this report on 9 powerful tips to find a dominate your Niche!

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    Welcome to the wide world of affiliate and internet marketing my friend!

    Internet Marketing is how I will be making my full time income. I am very experienced with it and have been doing it for many months now.

    It is entirely possible to make a full time income doing it... however... there is a VERY BIG learning curve. If you do not know what you are doing, you will be taken advantage of, scammed, and you will do nothing but lose money.

    Actually, I've started a blog where I outline everything I do in the world of internet marketing from start up to profit. I'm still in start up (this is as it happens) so you can skip buying scams out there and read exactly what I do! That's what I would suggest at least. You can read what it is in the source box if your interested.

    You really can do it if you try! And remember... if it's too good to be true.. it is!

    P.S. Stay out of the internet marketing niche when you begin. It's wayyyy to competitive. That's a tip that took me a while to actually act on haha.


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