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Which one is better? Senanta Sports or Fox Soccer Channel? DirecTV or Time Warner Cable or AT&T?

I am using Phone and Internet Services of AT&T for somewhat 70s a month. Want watch English Premier League and ManUtd Soccer (Football)? which one should I choose? I am in Charlotte, NC, USA. Many thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    FSC shows about four to five live and tape-delayed matches each week from the English Premier League. FOX Sports International has sublicensed 4-5 EPL matches each week to Setanta Sports North America during the 2006-2007 season for exclusive presentation on that network. Both networks air matches in consistent timeslots.

    If you want to see all Manchester United games on TV, you will need both channels. On the other hand, you can also subscibe to MUTV online and watch all United games online.


    Here's the list of matches showing on FSC this weekend. It includes the match between United and Reading:

    Here's the list of matches showing on Setanta this weekend. It includes the match between United and Reading on MUTV:

    Source(s): I have Directv and I have both FSC and Setanta. I'm a United fan too.
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    4 years ago

    Fox Soccer Channel Directv

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    Setanta Sports!

    They show alot of soccer. They have Man-U T.V. showing their classic games. Also, Setanta sports shows alot of soccer in general from most of the leagues in europe. Fox soccer channel has 2nd dibs in broadcasting games. As for as which provider?

    I would get Direct TV. They have alot to offer. But, if anything you won't regret setanta sports. It shows almost every game of the english premier league.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well i have Sentanta. Sometimes Sentata have 1-2 hours of MUTv which includes recorded games. However, FSC broadcasts more EPL games. Sentata have the Sat morning games (7.45a KO) , one at 10.00a KO and Sunday morning games (8.30a KO). They have UEFA CL games too. FSC have more games; Sat 10.00a, 12.15p, Sun 11.00a and Monday afternoon games (3.00p). Both have recorded games as well.

    However one advantage of Sent over FSC is you could get Sen via an internet connection (see thus bypassing any cable or digital sat. As for your TV and phone, u might check your local area for signal issues/

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  • 1 decade ago

    FOX - DirecTV

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