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Good mother/daughter or parent/child songs?

My daughter is leaving for college in a week and a half. I want to make her a CD. Any good song ideas would be appreciated.



I'm sorry...what is your name?? SexRex....that wasn't the question, was it?

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    I hope you dance, Lee Ann Womack

    some days you gotta dance, Dixie Chicks

    wind beneath my wings, Bette Midler (sp?)

    my daughter's eyes, Martina McBride

    Wild Angels, Martina McBride

    this one's for the girls, Martina McBride

    Here's another list I found on answers, some good others??? I don't know:

    wookin pa nub

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    "32 flavors" by alana davis

    "man i feel like a woman" by shania twain

    "miss independent" by kelly clarkson

    "survivor" or "independent woman" by destiny's child

    "girlfight" by brooke valentine

    "video" by india arie

    "unwritten" by natasha bedingfield

    "hollaback girl" by gwen stefani

    "stupid girls" or "u + ur hand" by pink

    "these boots were made for walking" by nancy sinatra

    "b*tch" by meredith brooks

    "sisters are doing it for themselves" by annie lennox and aretha franklin

    "you don't own me" by lesley gore

    "r.e.s.p.e.c.t." by aretha franklin

    "just a girl" by no doubt

    PS: I'm a fellow St. Louisan and think it's a really great gesture for you to give a mix CD for your daughter.

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    the voice within - Christina Aguilera

    wind benieth my wings- Bette Midler

    in my daughters eyes - martina mcbride

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    Give her a break from your mother- daughter love affair and let her experience the full effect of being independent. Besides, if anyone ever catches on, she'll be the laughing stock of the school. I know you love her dearly but really now, don't you think that's going a bit far?

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    "Only Women Bleed" by Alice Cooper

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    my dad ans sister danced to the song "butterfly kisses"

    several differant artists did i so listen to a few and choose he one you like

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    that sound great for you to do. do it. i wish i had a better relationship with my mom than my dad. my dad dont know everything about girl orwoman going to collage, date, or job. he only stwened it up. whtg wrong with him , i reallyh dont know for sure. i will never know. but i do know my mom mom is happy for me but why does not my dad. is something

    wrong with him that he realy need ed some help. that i will never know for sure. kkeep up with your daughter. she will need someday. good luck with her i hope she will succeeded inwht she does. i widh i did

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    "Daughters" by John Mayer..that is the song you want.

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    dont forget to remember me-carrie underwood

    shes somebodys hero-jamie oneal

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    in my daughters eyes

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    in my daughter eyes- martina mcbride

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