Verizon Wireless music phones.?

Do you have to subscribe to VCast to transfer music from your computer onto your phone?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The answer is no.

    you don't even have to buy the $30-$70 "music kit"

    VCast is just a "get music on the go" kind of thing.

    all you need is a microSD card, if that's what your phone takes, some take miniSD make sure before you try to put one in there.

    I have the new "double flip" samsung, and all i did to put my music on my phone was put it on my SD card from my computer, and then put my SD card in my phone. then go to menu> get it now> music and tones> my music, and if there is music on your SD card, your phone will find it. (make sure you put your BLANK SD card in your phone to format it first). hope that works out for ya!

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