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Should I leave my cat alone?

I am leaving on vacation for one week. Ideally I want to leave my cat home rather than in a shelter. I would have someone come in every day to make sure the cat has food and water. Has anyone ever done this and what should I expect. Does anyone know of a web site where I can find the answer to this question.

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    I have done this quite a few times, and it is OK. I just can't do it now with the cat I have because she gets too stressed out & sick. So, I never leave her alone. But with all my other cats, it has never been a problem.

    You are right. It is better for them to remain at home than to be put in a shelter, where they will feel completely abandoned.

    If you know a person you can trust to come in every day, your cat should be fine. When you leave, make sure there are several bowls filled up with dry food, enough to last them a week, just in case of emergency. Also do the same thing with water; leave several bowls, enough to last a week. That way you know for sure that your cat will be OK.

    Also, before you leave, turn on a radio to one of those talk shows, so that your cat can hear the sound of humans talking. My husband & I have found that to be soothing to our cats.

    When the person comes in each day, have them give the cat a serving of canned cat food. Leave the cans of food out on a counter where they can easily be seen. Have them change the water; and before they leave, have them clean out the litter box. When they leave, have them throw out the garbage with the empty cat food cans; you don't want the cat to try getting at the cans because of the smell.

    If possible, ask them if they can spend some time in the home with the cat. They could play with the cat with some of its toys, or turn on the TV, anything to be in the same room with the cat for a while. If your cat is people friendly, maybe they could gently stroke the cat, if it allows it.

    Leave, in writing, what you expect the person to do. Make sure you leave the number where you can be reached. Also, leave the name, address & telephone number of your vet's office, as well as the name of your cat's vet. These are just precautions, nothing to worry about; you'll feel more reassured.

    Physically, it is OK to leave a cat alone for one week; it is not OK to leave a dog home alone for a week.

    Emotionally, most cats do just fine. You will not know how your cat handles it until you try once. If it seems OK & very happy to see you, then you know that you can do this each year.

    I have done this all my life, with the vet's OK. That is until I got my present cat, Suzy. Even though she's here with my husband's cat, Squeeky, she totally fell apart when we left. We had someone come in, but she could not handle it. When I saw her as I came in the door, my heart broke. Unlike all my other cats, who came running happily, she sat there looking so sad, her eyes running. I have not gone on vacation for about 10 years now, and I won't go for as long as she lives, with no regrets.

    I realize Suzy is an exception, and I understand why. Her sister, Blossom, died a few days after their first birthdays. Suzy didn't know Blossom died. All she knew was that Blossom went out the door & never came back again (she died in hospital). So, since we didn't come back, Suzy probably thought she would never see us again.

    So, unless your cat has experienced a traumatic abandonement, there will be no problems. Go on your vacation, make sure your cat is set up in case of emergency, and all should be fine.

    All of the veterinarians I have known over the years have said it is fine to leave a cat alone for a week (but no longer than that). Your cat, if an adult, sleeps, on average, 18 hours a day. Out of the remaining 6 hours it's awake, two-thirds of that time is spent grooming. That leaves 2 hours for it to feel bored, if it isn't eating, drinking, using the litterbox and exploring the house.

    So, relax and enjoy your vacation. Just remember to bring your kitty a little gift when you return.

    Source(s): Lifetime with many cats. Also, was a volunteer at Bide-A-Wee, an animal shelter. And studied dozens of books on cats & cat behavior. Spoke with many veterinarians, too.
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    There's no problem leaving your cat as long as you have someone to do daily checks for fresh food and water and clean the litterbox.

    Do leave a number where you can be reached anytime in case of an emergency, leave your veterinarian's address and phone number, make sure your cat is current on vaccinations including rabies.

    If your cat is an indoor-outdoor cat, please, please put a break away collar on it with your phone number if for some reason your cat decides not to come home because you aren't there it will have ID to reunite you both.

    Make sure the person coming to care for the cat has the phone numbers of local shelters, in case it gets out, have that person call the shelter immediately to report the cat missing.

    I can't tell you how many times during this time of the year people go on vacation, have someone check in on their pets, the pets escape the house and end up at the shelter. The person watching the animal is hoping to find it before the owners come home and before you know it the animal is either adopted out to someone else or worse.

    Be sure the person you are entrusting the care of your pet to has all the information on the animal, it's likes, dislikes, temperment and so on. The more you inform this person the better they will feel caring for your cat.

    Being prepared is the best thing you can do for yourself to enjoy your vacation and for your cat to be safe while you are away.

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    If you have someone come in once a day and check on the cat, give it some attention and play with it, feed it, and take care of the litter box, I think it will do fine.

    I think the cat would be happier in its own home than boarded at a vet's or a boarding facility.

    Just be sure the person you choose is reliable, and leave a key with someone other than that person -- I have heard of a cat-sitter losing the house key or accidentally locking it in the house, and then they can't get in to care for the cat. (They had to call a locksmith to open the door.)

    Source(s): I work at a vet hospital.
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    It's ok to leave the cat in it's home if you are sure you can depend on someone to do as they say they will. people do this all the time Have you a good friend who will do this for you? It has to be someone you know really well and trust or your vacation will be spent worrying about your cat.

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    Hi CTU I also hate to be away from our kitties for more than several hours. But sometimes it is important for us to have a change of scenery and enjoy some time just enjoying away time. Your kitties will miss you but will be so happy to see you when you get home. The time will pass quickly and I bet they would be glad you had a good time. Of course if it were me I would porobably stop on the way home and get them a little gift. Lol. Have a nice mini getaway and enjoy yourself. But I don't think that you are that different than a lot of cat lovers or that you are alonem Hope this helps. Troublesniffer Owned by cats for over 40 years Member cat writer' association

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    I think your cat would be fine but the only thing I would add is put not leave your toilet paper out because I was gone for the weekend and my cat got a hold of it and took it ALL over the house .. and if you have like any loose papers up or something put it up some where .. maybe my cat was just really mischievous

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    The cat will be fine. As long as someone is coming in to check on food and water and scoop the litter box every day, then you won't have a problem. Leave the television on for her. Animal Planet is best.

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    Whenever I go on vacation, a friend of mine comes and feeds and cleans the litterbox daily. Its always nicer to leave the cat in the comfort of their own home. Leave something out that smells like you, like a shirt or blanket, that helps too.

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    your cat should be fine, especially since you plan on having someone check on it everyday. the only thing i would add is that you may come home and find some damage..from scratching, going to the bathroom outside the litterbox and what not because he misses you and you arent there to stop him.

    normally cats do very well home long as they have food and water.

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    I have done this with my cat, and she was just fine. Kitty would definitely prefer staying at home where she feels safe than being housed in a strange, scary environment without her mama. Have someone Kitty already knows come take care of her, and she'll be alright.

    Source(s): experience
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