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Help with bike chain?

okay soim going todescribe everything to you. i was riding and i wasnt paying attention and i ran onto a curb hard. then i started going down a hill and i realized i had a flat on the wheel that hit the curb. so i proppeed my back wheel up and started walking it home upward so the pooped tire wouldnt run along the strrets. Then my backtire blew out too soo i had to finish walking home with too flats. i changed the backtire with a new inner tube but i patched the front one, it worked so now i just had to put the chain back on and when i rode i complety like tangled up and fell so now its hangin off and i cantt fingure out what to do so ima give you all some pics so you can see more thanxs

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    Great pics, nice little ride by the way. You have no problem with the chain there. You have likely figured that out by now. To untangle that chain, do it without the rear wheel installed. BE VERY CAREFUL UNTANGLING THAT CHAIN! If you put too much lateral pressure on it anywhere, you will bend a link in the chain.

    Untangling that chain means to make a continuous, "circle", out of it again. It looks like you can get some of it back on the front chain ring. Do this now. With that half of the chain out of the way, start pulling the remaining portion of the chain apart using up and down movements only. Do not put pressure sideways on the chain.

    You hit hard enough to pop the tire, you may have hit hard enough to damage the rear wheel. Make sure that it is still true (Straight), and that there isn't a break in the actual rim. Furthermore, if you lost your temper and maybe bent the chain, you can check by watching for stuck links. Prior to making your final chain adjustments, leave the chain a little loose while the back wheel is installed. Slowly pedal the bike and watch for links that once they go around a round part, want to stay stuck like that between your gearing. If you have a sticky link or two, replace the chain.

    I just remembered that that chain has a master link. Can you tell which one that is? It is a link that looks just like every other one, except that it has a clip on it. Remove the clip, and take the chain apart. It will make untangling it much easier, and installing it easier too.

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    First, untangle the chain. Next, put the chain on the front chainring. Orient the rear wheel so the rear sprocket / gear is on the same side as the chain. Place the rear sprocket / gear in between (loop the chain around the sprocket). Place the rear wheel in place and wipe the chain with a cloth. Lubricate the chain (ask the people at Local Bike Shops what their favorite is).

    Inspect the wheel that hit the curb - does it spin true? Does it rub against the brake? Does it have a crack? You'll need to replace the wheel. It is unsafe to ride on a cracked wheel- if there is a front wheel failure, you'll end up doing a face plant (an endo?), which is dangerous and not fun.

    If you can't untangle the chain, purchase a new one at the local bike shop.

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