What is a good bra for really heavy boobs?

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I wear a 34 g, and it doesn't seem to matter how much I spend on a bra, I can't find one that stays in place, and lifts my boobs back up to where they once were. Anyone out ...show more
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oh yay! you're the same cup size as meee :D (i'm a 32G)

annoyingly, it's probably better for you to buy your bras from shops that specialise in making bras for busty women (which, unless you're lucky enough to live near a shop, means buying online). this is because other companies often just make 'bigger versions' of their smaller bras and even though these fit, they're not really designed with support etc in mind.

if you shop from somewhere that specialises, you'll often find that these bras are much, much better and they do lots of different styles (including ones that specifically aim to 'lift' your boobs). furthermore, there's more to choose from (i don't know about your experiences, but i often find that the only bras in our size from regular shops tend to be pretty ugly or plain.)

as far as outlets go, i am very fond of www.bravissimo.com and i've heard www.figleaves.com have a good DD+ section. if you don't want to buy online, maybe look at the brands that these sites are selling and try to find them elsewhere. some examples are Fantasie, Freya, Kalyani and Panache.

anyway, i hope you find some nice bras! :)

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Thanks! I'll give those a try.
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  • tobeysandy answered 7 years ago
    I know what you're going through. I'm a 32H, and it took me months to find a great bra. The brand I ended up getting was Freya. Just look for something with thick enough straps to offer enough support, and your bra should stay in place.
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