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Does anyone use USAA?

Does anyone use USAA banking? We have USAA insurance and was thinking of switching to the banking...if you have it do you like it and how easy is it to use? ...I posted this question a few minutes ago but was talking on the phone and typing and wrote the wrong name of the company..guess i cant multi task LOL...anyways if you have used it let me know


my husband has been in the army for over 14 years and we move alot and are coming up on another pcs move and im tired of switching banks all the time

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    I LOVE it.. No fees for anything, free checks, GREAT customer service, seriously the customer service is unbelievable. Free overdraft protection, the use to even refund ATM fees, not sure about that anymore havent been paying attention to my account. Only one disadvantage is that the only brick and mortar banks are in Texas, so you have to mail in deposits. But for military pay and direct deposits it is the best. Honestly though, who does more than electronic deposits anymore. The website is also very informative, well put together, and asthetically attractive. Did I mention the customer service?

    You can also do many other things through USAA. For example, buy and sell stocks, start a Certificate of Deposit (all online, with no need to contact a person), They also have a lot of financial advice tools and calculators. Bank statements (checking, savings, credit card) are archived online and able to be printed out by the user (you). You can also transfer money to Non-USAA bank accounts, if you keep another bank and use it to transfer the USAA money to for withdrawl to save on ATM fees.

    I have had a few of my fellow sign up for USAA and they all liked it better. (Most of them had Armed Forces bank or whatever it is)(their website did not allow you to do much)

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    My husband is active duty army and we use USAA for everything, checking, savings, car & renters insurance, absolutley everything, and we LOVE them. customer service is the best you will find, we have had two separate agents on two different occasions go out of their way to help us out, you will not find better service on anything. when we were purchasing our new car, we had one agent drive to the other side of town after he got off work to bring us the loan check, just so that we could get the car that night. and the insurance person kept in touch with me daily during a misunderstanding with our auto insurance/accient record and kept me up to date the whole way until everything was settled. i recommend USAA to everyone, they are the best. and especially with the military, you can go to one spot and change your address and have it all switched over in one place if you do the online bill pay, etc.

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    Love them!!!! And now you can scan checks to deposit them. Directions are on their website and it walks you through it. Shows up within minutes on your bank account. And being overseas... you don't know how handy that is!!

    We've done 3 moves since starting our banking with them in 1998 and have never had issues. Has made our lives so much easier.

    Also, great programs for the kids. Daughters had checking accounts at age 10 (needed two signatures). Talk about teaching fiscal responsibility! And we will be getting the secured debit cards when they turn 13. Even have newsletters for them, to learn how to manage money.

    Definitely one of the perks of being military!!

    Source(s): AF spouse - 19 years
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    I would recommend them any day. I do all my banking on-line, I pay my bills on line, I get great points with my dept / credit cards, when active they give you 4% intrest instead of the 6% under the soldiers and sailors act, if you are deployed - they still charge you the 4%, but when you get back they give you all the intrest back, you do not have to give them documentation that you are active or deployed - they take you word for it. It goes on to your kids, there are all sorts of great investment oppotunities, you can extrend your credit limit easily, insurance is great and if you pay early you price goes down, I have bought 2 cars with them and it was very easy. Refinance very easy on car or house. They know how to do everything dealing with the military - they know the meaning of military terms (PCS, TDY etc) The longer you are with them the better things get, free checking, free online banking, you can get your documents on line as opposed to the mail if you want - it is great since we move alot - I don't have to change anything with the bank, I just update my address when I get the chance, but I never skip a beat since everything is done on-line - great security too. I know that this is very much out of order, but I can't say enought about them, no fee for opening a checking account, no minimums, VERY EASY TO WORK WITH!!!! I LOVE THEM. You always talk to someone that speaks English very clearly - no long waits on the phone

    Source(s): Army brat and military wife
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    We've used USAA for years and love them. They generally always have top-notch customer service and they make banking as easy as can be. They have a service called in-home banking (or something like that) where you scan the front & back side of a check and you can deposit it electronically (vs sending the physical check through the mail). We would highly recommend them.

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    I have home and auto insurance, a mortgage and a credit card through USAA. I've been very happy with their service. The auto insurance is a god send in NJ. I would imagine that the banking is just as good as there other service.

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    I do all my banking, credit cards, insurance and car loans through USAA.

    The customer service is the best I have ever seen.

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    I can't say it any better than Randy H did. Customer service is unbelievable! I love it. The only bad thing is that you have to mail in your deposits...except now I think you can scan your checks in and then mail them. Either way, I swear they process them as soon as they get them in their hands. We have renter's insurance, life insurance, checking, credit cards, auto insurance, IRAs and other savings plans through them. You won't regret it!

    Source(s): Proud USAA member for 3 years :)
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    We also have insurance (car & renters) with them but I haven't taken the plunge to try their banking. My BIL has had some isuses with identity theft and he uses them but I don't know if it's linked to them orsomething else so I'm on the fence about trying it.......

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    I have it for car insurance, my grandma uses it for all her loans, they usually give her a killer rate (1% below prime usually). The service is excellent and quite helpful.

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