This is random but isn't Prince William and Prince Harry of England distantly related to Anne Boleyn?

I was reading a book on Anne Boleyn, and it made a bit of sense. Wouldn't they be related, if not, what former queen of England are they related to?

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    Elizabeth died on March 24, 1603 at Richmond Palace and was succeeded by James I (James VI of Scotland), the son of Mary, Queen of Scots. The Tudor dynasty ended and passed to the Stuarts.

    William can not be related to Anne Boleyn as her only child was Queen Elizabeth I, who had no blood heirs.

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    Prince William and Prince Harry are directly related to Mary Boleyn who was Anne Boleyn's Sister. Mary Boleyn and King Henry the 8th had a son out of wedlock named Henry Carry, and Prince William and Prince Harry are related to him. Here's how the bloodline goes:

    Mary Boleyn



    Henry Carey

    Baron Hunsdon



    The Hon. Catherine Carey


    William Howard

    Baron Howard of Effingham



    Elizabeth Howard


    John Mordaunt

    Viscount Mordaunt



    Charles Mordaunt

    3rd Earl of Peterborough, 1st Earl of Monmouth



    Lady Henrietta Mordaunt



    Cosmo George Gordon

    3rd Duke of Gordon



    Alexander Gordon

    4th Duke of Gordon



    Lady Georgiana Gordon



    Lady Louisa Jane Russell



    James Hamilton

    2nd Duke of Abercorn



    James Albert Edward Hamilton

    3rd Duke of Abercorn



    Lady Cynthia Hamilton



    Edward John Spencer

    8th Earl Spencer



    Lady Diana Spencer



    Prince William of Wales

    Prince of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


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    True, Elizabeth had no direct descendants, but the Stuarts could claim the English throne as well as the Scottish one because Mary Queen of Scots (a Stuart) was Elizabeth I's cousin, on Henry VIII's side of the family. The Stuart dynasty succeeded the Tudor dynasty, and both Charles and Diana are descendants of the James I of England (and VI of Scotland).

    Prince Charles is a legitimate descendant of James I, who was a second cousin to Elizabeth I, because his daughter, Elizabeth of Bohemia, was an ancestor of the Hanovers, who were ancestors of the Saxe-Coberg Gotha dynasty (Queen Victoria and her heirs), who changed their name to Windsor in 1917. Lady Diana Spencer is also a descendant of Charles II, even though he had no legitimate heirs. She can claim descent from at least four of his mistresses, however. What's more, Sarah Ferguson can claim similar ancestry as can Camilla Shand Parker Bowles--all have ancestors who were Charles II's mistresses. Let's just say that Anne Boleyn and William are very distantly related by marriage and on the wrong side of the blanket.

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    The Queen (and her grandchilden) are related to the Tudors. James I was the great-great-grandson of Henry VII through Henry's daughter who married James IV of Scotland. Anne Boleyn was related to the Duke of Norfolk who was related to the royals. I am sure if you tracked the family trees of the Norfolks and the Queen you would find that Anne Boleyn and the Queen were umpteenth cousins many times removed. the only relationship through the Tudors was by marriage.

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    No, there is no relation to Anne Boleyn, since her daughter Elizabeth had no children.

    The princes would be related, though, to the monarchs following the Tudors. Going backwards in time, they are descended from their grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, her grandmother Queen Mary, Queen Alexandra, Queen Victoria, Queen Charlotte, Queen Caroline (of Anspach). There are others, but those are the queens.

    Those are the Hanoverians, then you go back to the Stuarts. One queen you might like to read about is Mary, Queen of Scots, who is their distant ancestor, and lived during the time of Anne Boleyn's daughter Elizabeth.

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    Yes, they are related to Anne Boleyn by marriage. Anne Boleyn also had at least one sister. More research is required to find out about the Spencer side of the family.

    This is the Royal Genealogy from Queen Elizabeth II - George VI- George V- Edward VII- Victoria- Edward Duke of Kent (Brother to William IV & George IV) - George IV - George III - Frederick Lewis, Prince of Wales (didn't rule)- George II - George I - Sophia & Ernest (Didn't rule)- Frederick V & Elizabeth(didn't rule) - James I - Mary, Queen of Scots - James V (Scotland)- James IV (Scotland).

    James IV was married to Margaret, sister of Henry VIII. Anne Boleyn was his sister in law, and Elizabeth I was first cousin to James V.

    Source(s): - Genealogy and History of the British Monarchy. click on a dynasty and the PDF link for the family trees.
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    If they are its so distant as to be out of sight.

    The present royal family are of German origin and have more relations in Germany than in Britain

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