racist freinds and what to do with them???

Help!!! i was doing a civil war project in school, so i brought a confederate flag to school for my project. well, a couple of my freinds walked by me multiple times, whispering to each other. when finally, one came up to me and said: Do you know what that flag means?? and i said, yes i do. it is for a project. i did not mean it that way. and then they ran off laughing! i was like, what the heck???!! and the rest of the day, i was pestered by everyone imaginable saying: hahaha ur racist!!

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    1 decade ago
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    Would it be an different if you brought a Black Pather flag? To me that is racist as well. Dont worry, some people are ignorant and don't want to look past what they have been told by other ignorant people. A confederate flag is not racist, we are just told it is by ignorant people. It is bad that other ignorant people have used it for a racist symbol, but that is how it goes. Look at the history of the swatiska. It was not a Nazi symbol at first, but now it will always be their symbol. Dont worry what they think

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    1 decade ago

    that's an insult to say the confederate flag stands for racism, as you know history is written by the winners. The only people who talked about racism in the civil war were northern newspapers. The south resisted expanding powers of the entity known as the United States, which was once no more special than the UN, One day the UN will declare it rules the world, if you do not obey UN mandates, control and taxes, you will be called a rebel and they will desecrate your flag whislt down talking you during a high school project.

    Racism then as terrorism now is a pretext for colonial expansion of state power.

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    here's a thought..why can't your friend aka(Jesse Jackson wanna be)use her own mind?

    you should be extremely offended by the accusation.

    if you know someone well enough to consider them a "friend" don't ya think you'd know if they were some evil racist? it makes about as much sense as being accused (by someone who knows you well) of purposely bringing a so-called racist FLAG in to create issues..

    and since it is not taught in school..and the WHITE person had no clue that it was "controversial" but the BLACK person did know...Which one is being taught racist views?

    ask the friend who told her the flag was bad..that's the real racist.

    it goes both ways..don't let someone tell you otherwise.

    stand up for whatever race you are...that's NOT racism..it's pride

    offer your friend this piece of history:

    What hypocrisy and bigotry to criticize only White Southerners or the Confederate States for owning slaves. Nearly every nation in the world owned slaves, especially the Black masters in Nigeria, where most American Blacks have their roots. Accordingly, if flags of nations that owned slaves are to be labelled as "racist," then nearly all the flags in the world are "racist," especially the African flag of Nigeria which dealt so overwhelmingly in the slave trade.

    then tell her stop with the racist comments..it's showing the world how stupid some people are.

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    Ok, well in the South most racist do have on their homes and vehicles the confederate flag. It "IS" associated w/ racist ppl. If you didn't know that & you told them that then that's their problem. Plus, if this was part of a project, what can you do??

    Now you know!

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    1 decade ago

    Racism is one of many prejudices. All of us have many kinds of prejudices in us. Most of our prejudices are put into us by our parents and extended families. Only a prejudiced person can remove the prejudice in themselves. If objective facts cannot remove a prejudice, the person is a lost cause. Run from them, even if they are family. Because you admit you knew the Confederacy was racist, you were wrong to take the flag to class. You cannot carry a symbol of racism but claim to be non-racist. As for those individuals who are ridiculing you, why are you calling them "friends"? Friends do not ridicule friends. Don't ever have anything to do with them again. But secretly photograph them so that when you are rich and famous, you can write a book, and name them, and show their photographs to the world.

    Source(s): The hundreds of racists and false friends I have had to cope with in my life.
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    1 decade ago

    i dont know im glad im out of school. kids are crazy!!! The problem is that they are ignorant. the confederate falg represents the south. it can be racist if who evers waving it is a racist. but there was slavery in the south so ignorant ppl think that the flag solely represents slavery.

    also, the flag represents rebels. alot of ppl who ride motorcycles wear it, to show they are a rebel.

    dont let it get you down...kids are like that. find new freinds, and if you cant dont worry about.


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    1 decade ago

    Them thinking the confederate flag was more than a project is not racist, it was their opinion. And carrying it didn't make YOU a racist. Don't sweat it, they were just giving you a hard time.

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    1 decade ago

    do you really know what that flag is??? it was the flag for the Southern Independance and most racist people dont even know what the flag is

    but do some reading and you will find out what most people dont take the time to find out about

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    Next time do more reserch before you bring anything to school and if you know your not a racist just say i was not aware of what i was bringing and what it symbolized and People are racist because they in fact feel like the are inferior of the ones they "hate"

  • hamnet
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    3 years ago

    No, you probably did no longer over react. you have each appropriate to be mad. What she pronounced is beside the point and racist and it extremely is comprehensible why you took offense to it. She might desire to have seen the style you're able to sense earlier she pronounced something like that. And only asserting, something else ought to take place interior the destiny if she says something like that or worse to those who could take greater offense. And analyzing the final area, possibly she might desire to attempt to be greater open-minded. nonetheless i'm uncertain how plenty which will replace. easily, it extremely is unhappy that she's so closed-minded and he or she stereotypes human beings by potential of the colour of their pores and skin or their sexual orientation.

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