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When I was 16 through 18......?

I used to pu pictures of lingerie models up on the computer. It's my mom's computer. I used it about 90% of the time. I put models such as Karen Mulder, Stephanie Seymour, Laetitia Casta and Tyra Banks for examples. I even put up non nude playboy pics of Carmen Electra. I say non nude because she was bottomless and just her butt was showing when she was posing with that fishent outfit in 96. I know that my hormones were kicking in back then, but I'm trying to get to the route of why I would do that. Forget going to a doctor. This is free. Also my mom never even talke to me about having these pics up.Why is that? Why do you think I would put pics on the computer screen? Could I be testing to see how far I could go with them? Or was I expressing myself with these pics? And if I was, what was the message I was expressing?

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    it sounds like a pretty normal teenage thing to me, like putting posters on the wall. As long as they weren't something incredibly graphic, I wouldn't worry.

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    You know the answer already and it is quite normal. Mom didn't say anything because you are a boy. She was trying to be cool. If you had cocck and pusssy up, then your asss would have been toast for sure. Right?

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    it sounds like you where expressing yourself when you posted them pics at that time for sure

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