What are the causes for police corruption, and police abuse of force?

ARe they caused by the same things? Explain please!

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  • Den
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    1 decade ago
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    Some of it is going to be due to the availability of bad money.If a dope dealer offers some quick cash,some police are going to take it.Sometimes,when the police stop and do not arrest,they just keep everything that the crook has.

    It is easily justified in the mind.

    Sometimes,it is easy to apear in court and use perjury to imprison someone because the cop thinks they need it.

    That is overt corruption but there is another kind of danger as well.

    When cops see how little difference they make at times,they get bitter.They just give up and slowly begin to do less and less.Then they just stay because it is a way to pay the rent and it has retirement benefits.

    They burn out,it happens a lot.

    Abuse of force can be because of burnout,bitterness or maybe they are cruel to start with.

    They are not demi-gods,they are people and people do bad things sometimes.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    some police officers get in the force mainly for the action and adrenalin.. they search for excitement, but sometimes go overboard with it... other's are corrupted because of bribery or because the "other side" has greater benefits than the side of justice... so other officers are possibly forced because of the economic instability.. and others are forced because of greed or selfishness...

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