What can I cook with pasta and ragu sauce?

I've got some shaped pasta stuff, don't know what it's called, and just a jar of Ragu to go with it. That seems a bit bland, can anyone recommend something straightforward this novice cook can add to make it a bit better?

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    Just brown some ground beef and throw all of the ingredients together, put in a caserole dish put a few slices of cheese on top and throw in the oven for about 25 minutes (at 350F). That is too simple hun!

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    Do you like greek salads? Instead of parmesan, use crumbled feta cheese and kalamata olives (okay, expensive I know)

    Do you like fish? Buy a small can of clams, add it to the Ragu when you simmer. Chewy!

    Or add a can of WELL DRAINED tuna (in water) , but don't simmer this one, just stir it into the sauce right before serving.

    Both of these are also good w/ with olives (any kind you like) and parmesan or feta on top also.

    Do you like spicy? instead of just ground beef, use sausage or 50/50 sausage/beef and add some chili powder mix like Mexene (tablespoon or so). This is disturbingly orange, but tasty :)

    Ragu always needs doctored IMO just to be tomato sauce, in that it's too sweet and and too thick.. I'd add olive oil, and a basic italian spice mix, some mushrooms and can of diced tomato and end up with twice the sauce :)

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    Follow the instructions on the packet to cook the pasta. Do the same for the Ragu (instructions on the jar).

    Mix together in the pan (after draining the pasta).

    Serve on a plate and cover the whole lot with loads of grated cheese, your favourite variety.

    Easy as... well, just easy really.

    Add chopped fried bacon for a novel twist.

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    It shouldn't be a problem but I would take a look at the ingredients for a Vodka Sauce and use that amount of pasta sauce and that amount of vodka. So if the recipe, before adding vodka is like 3/4 cups I would add that much sauce to the recipe's amount of vodka. I think if you just use the jar and some vodka it might not balance out like you want.

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    How about adding stuff to it? Frying off some bacon, mushrooms, onion and garlic and then mixing everything together and perhaps adding some parmesan or mozzarella cheese? Alternatively, roast off a load of veg and add that to the sauce and pasta. How about eating with a nice crusty loaf or perhaps garlic bread and maybe a salad? Sounds yummy!

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    Chop up green bell pepper, onion, garlic then saute' that in a skillet in olive oil, add dried oregano, marjoram, thyme, whatever on hand then pour in the Ragu and then the cooked pasta and toss...salt and pepper, grate some cheese on it and eat...

    If you like sausages, cook some with the vegetables in the skillet...

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    2 garlic toe's

    1 /2 can tomato paste--if you got it

    1 Table-spoon sugar

    2 Table-spoon Italian seasoning

    1 T able-spoon basil --or fresh

    1 Tablespoon oregano ---

    beef or sauage

    sprinkle with cheese

    make sure you add olive oil to the pasta water when water boils in the pot keeps from sticking befor you add the sauce strain water off then add the sauce

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    Chop up some cooked sausages or some chicken.

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    mince, peppers, an onion, mushrooms. for xtra flava add worcestershire sauce.

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