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紐約洋基隊的重砲手A-Rod(Alex Rodriguez),4日在出戰堪薩斯皇家隊時,終於擊出他生涯第500號的全壘打。A-Rod不但成為大聯盟史上第22位擊出500支紅不讓的球員,也是最年輕的擊出500轟打者。

A-Rod經過28個打數沒有全壘打,4日一站上打擊區,就受到全場的注目,結果他面對皇家先發投手Kyle Davies第一個球就出棒。



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    A-Rod(Alex Rodriguez) , the best hitter of the New York Yankees, got

    his 500th home run during the game on August 4th with the Kansas

    Royales. A-Rod now is 22th and the youngest player that had 500 home runs.

    A-Rod didn't have a home run 28 hits before this one. August 4th he got everyone's attention before he was about to play. He hit the first ball

    Kyle Davies threw.

    The attendent said"The first ball was high, and into the left but not out! It

    could be the 500th home run!"

    It was a 3-point home run. A-Rod ran slowly over the bases, with his

    coach and his team congragelating him.A-Rod hit a high five with his

    team in front of the home base, and had the whole crowd cheering


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