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Suzanne asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請幫我翻譯 中翻英 不過用簡單點的就好

你的生日快到囉 可是我想我應該是沒辦法去陪伴你的


真的很開心你放下你的事情來看我 謝謝你對我的心意是如此的堅定 謝謝你對我的付出 我除了感動外說不出別的了

我就要上新學校了 或許會很忙碌 家裡也很嚴格

沒辦法去找你一直是我的遺憾 也很對不起你 但這並不代表我不在乎你 知道嗎?

所以我希望你這趟來高雄 可以玩的很愉快 我會一直陪在你身邊的唷 雖然我的英文很差 但我很努力唷 而且即使我不說話 我能傾聽你說 我也會覺得很幸福

雖然你常常不在我身邊 但我們常傳簡訊 讓我覺得你就再我身邊一樣 我一點也不孤單 張開眼睛就能看見你的簡訊 就能讓我一天都充滿了元氣 而你對我的溫柔體貼 是我以前從未感受過的 我好希望我們能就這樣一直下去有個很美好的未來

以上請幫我翻譯 你想多加一些話也沒關係  感恩啦



『你快點多學說點中文嘛 我學英文學的很辛苦呢!

 酸然你工作辛苦 但也要在空閒時間多學學唷~ 』

Update 2:

『你來高雄你要住哪 你決定了嗎? 還是要我幫你找或是你到的那天我們在一起做決定? 抱歉我家不能讓你睡唷』

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    Your birthday is coming. I might not be able to spend time with you on that day , so I want to celebrate earlier.


    I'm very happy that u left your other priorities behind and came to see me


    Thanks for everything you have done and showing me your heart is so invested in me. 


    I'm at a loss for words.


    I'm going to study a new school and might be very busy.

    我就要上新學校了 或許會很忙碌 

    My parents are very strict, so I'm sorry I couldn't meet you.


    But you have to know it doesn't mean I don't care about you.


    I hope you will have a good time when you come to Khaoshung.

    我希望你這趟來高雄 可以玩的很愉快 

    I will spend time with you. Although my English is very bad, I study very hard.

    我會一直陪在你身邊的唷 雖然我的英文很差 但我很努力唷 

    Even though I'm not able to speak much English, I can still listen to you and I feel happy.

    而且即使我不能說那麼多的英文 但我能傾聽你說 這樣我也會覺得很幸福

    You aren't always around, but we text message a lot, so it feels just like you are here, and I don't feel alone.

    雖然你常常不在我身邊 但我們常傳簡訊 讓我覺得你就再我身邊一樣 我一點也不孤單 

    If I read your messages when I wake up, they put me in a happy mood for the day.

    當我醒來就能看見你的簡訊 就能讓我一天都很快樂 

    You are very gentle and kind to me. I have never felt like that from anyone.

    而你對我的溫柔體貼 是我以前從未感受過的 

    I hope we can be like this forever and have a wonderful future.


    You should learn more Chinese. I study English very hard.

    你快點多學說點中文嘛 我學英文學的很辛苦呢!

    Although you work very hard, you should study Chinese more in your free time.

     酸然你工作辛苦 但也要在空閒時間多學學唷~

    Where are you going to live here? have you decided? Do you want me to help you, or do you want to decide together when you arrive?

    你來高雄你要住哪 你決定了嗎? 還是要我幫你找或是你到的


    I'm sorry that you can't live in my house.



    2007-08-08 00:21:51 補充:

    to 赤西仁

    ? Not one of these sentences is grammatically correct or comprehensible. Take a class before you translate someones material straight from words off the internet or from a Chinese-English dictionary word for word. If she wanted him not to understand, she would have kept it all in Chinese.

    Source(s): 自己和我米國男友
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  • Celine
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    1 decade ago

    Your birthday is soon upcoming, but it's probable I cannot

    celebrate with you together. That's why I want to advance

    to celebrate for you.

    I feel so happy that you come to see me throwing all of your

    work in hand, and thank you for your love for me is so firm

    and steady, thanks for all the things you did to me, I couldn't

    be more moved and touched.

    I am going to enter new school, perhaps I will be busy, also

    family has some expectation on me. It's a shame that I cannot

    go to see you, that doesn't mean I don't care about you, hope

    you can understand.

    I hope you have good time and great fun in Kaohsiung this time,

    I will keep your company, even though my English is not well,

    but I try my best. If I don't speak, at least I can enjoy listening

    to you, that also makes me feel very happy.

    Though we set apart, and always meet each other, but we can

    send message, so that we won't feel lonely, it's like we are together.

    Seeing message in the morning can make me feel very energetic

    all day long. Your tenderness is something I never experienced

    before, I really hope we can continue and walk into future

    hand in hand.

    Can you please learn more Mandarin, because, comparatively,

    I learn English more slowly. I know you are busy, but can you

    consider to take time to learn more Mandarin.

    Have you decided where to stay when you arrive in Kaohsiung?

    Or you want me to arrange for you, or we decide together on the

    day upon your arrival? Please understand because I live with

    my parents, it's not convenient to stay in my house.

    2007-08-14 01:07:00 補充:

    請問你是天平? 還是雙子?







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  • 1 decade ago

    Your birthday go to fast but I think I should be can't keep company with your

    So want to lead birthday for you in advance

    Really happy you let go of your thing to see my appreciating your intention to me is a such firm thanks you pay me me in addition to move to could not say another of

    My willing go to a new school probably would the very busy home is also very strict

    Can't find you have been my regret also very sorry you but doesn't this represent my don't care you to know?

    So I hope you the come to Kaohsiung and can play of very happily I will have been accompanying at you nearby of although my English badly I make great effort and even my doing not talk me can listen to you to say I will also feel very happy

    Although you usually not at I nearby we often spread a message to let me feel you again I am nearby similar I at 1:00 also not solitary open eyes and then can see your message can let me be all filled with vitality for a days and you to my gentle and soft consideration is I have never felt before of I hoped so much we ability so has been descending to have one very fine future of

    Above please translate you to think more some words also didn't relate to feel grateful for me

    Source(s): 網路翻譯
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