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Jeep wrangler soft top + stereo security?

Hi Jeep people! I bought a wrangler unlimited 2 door about two months ago. Overhead soundbar and all of that but not much base available in the system. Thinking about upgrading but I'm worried that it will be too easy to have the speakers or an amp. stolen. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Get an alarm for the Jeep and if you don't already have one, get a locking storage trunk. I have one in my Sahara with two 10" and you don't know they are back there until I open the tailgate.

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    Others have mentioned that you can buy the soft top and the support bars for it. What I have not seen anyone mention yet is that you will also have to buy door surrounds too. These are plastic brackets that connect the top of the windshield around the edge of the door down to the frame near the door handle. These are required because they provide a lip for the soft top to hook into (like the metal lip on the frame). The ones that came on my Wrangler are plastic and attach using rubber seals at the two ends and two bolts at the top. I drive a '98 TJ though so I'm not sure how they will hook up on your YJ or if they will even be made the exact same way. Anyways good luck and keep on Jeepin'!

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    You can upgrade the center console to a security model that has a spot for an amp and a sub. It is lockable and will give you some extra secured storage for other stuff that you don't want to walk away....try under consoles.

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    Leave the doors unlocked so they don't slash your soft top trying to get in. I would get a Bazooka tube, with some quick disconnects and a built in amp. That way you can take it in at night

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    I made a cover for the trunk to secure things( you can buy new). Put some base speakers in the trunk, great for base.


  • Anonymous
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    a car alarm is what I would do...I have a cherokee, but if I was in your situation...go with a cheap car alarm...or a better one depending on what you want to put in it..I know if I was trying to steal something out of a car and it started screming and beeping real loud, I would run...thats just me. good luck

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    Alarms are worthless. 90% of the time they are ignored due to people being sick of hearing them.

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