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Wedding invitation wording?

I don't think I want my parents on the invitation. They are divorced, and aren't helping with the wedding, plus I can't stand my step-dad. My dilemma is that I am getting married in Hawaii on June 7, obviously its not like my entire family can go so I want to go back to my hometown and have the reception there on June 14 or 15th but how exactly should i word it? Also for the wedding favors we should put the date that we got married right?

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    First of all, you do not need to list your parents on the invitation if you don't want to. You can say "John Smith and Annette Johnson, along with their parents, cordially invite you to their wedding"....You don't need to put their names. Or, if you and your hubby-to-be are paying for the entire event, you do NOT need to list them at all.

    You can have TWO RSVP cards. One for the wedding/reception....another for the reception in your hometown. Some people will only be able to attend one or the other (My brother and sister in law just did this. They had a ceremony/reception out of state, plus a reception close to home...and two seperate RSVP cards)

    Do not put the date on your wedding favors. Only your immediate family and friends would have any interest in keeping a favor with your wedding date on them. Most of the rest of your guests will just leave the favors at the would just be one more trinket hanging around their homes.

    The best and most popular type of favor is an edible favor...Something sweet that the guests can enjoy after the meal. It could be jordan almonds, little mints, chocolates...hard candies...M&Ms in your wedding colors...anything that fits your wedding theme, color or style. If you really want to incorporate your wedding date, you can tie a ribbon around the bag of candy, attach a tag saying "Thank you for joining us for our special day" with your wedding date below.

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    Well, what I'm going is having a private ceremony in 2 weeks, and a reception 4 weeks after that. I'm sending out announcements that read like this:

    My Son is happy to announce the marriage of his parents, Me and My Fiance. They were married in a private ceremony on August 18, 2007, in Brown County, Indiana.

    Please join us at a celebration in their honor on September 15, 5 PM, at His Parents Address.

    And then the people that I am inviting to the ceremony, I invited in person. I will be mailing these announcements probably the Monday after the Saturday wedding. And someone suggested that I drop them in the mailbox down there, so that the post mark will be from the town I was married in. I don't know if I'll do that, because I'm a little wary of just dropping them in the mailbox, and I don't know where the post office is in that town, but you may want to do that.

    A cousin of mine was married last winter, and he didn't include his parents names on the invitation, either. His started off with a very short poem about Love during the Christmas season (I think it had 4 lines) and then it went right into the wedding information.

    As for the favors, I would put the wedding date, and not the date of the reception.

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    Since you're sending invitations to the reception, just put:

    Mr & Mrs BrownSugarPrincess cordially invite you to a celebration of their wedding, held on June 7, 2008.

    The reception will be held at the Bubba BBQ restaurant in MarriedBliss, Texas on June 24, 2008.

    Yes, the date you got married, but why favors? Nobody keeps those things except maybe parents. Buy everyone a drink instead.

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    If they aren't helping with the wedding then they should not be on the invitation. My husband and I paid for our wedding and didn't mention our folks on the invite.

    So, your wording can go something like this:

    Miss Jane Smith and Mr. Joe Doe request the honour of your presence at the celebration of their marriage to be held at 3pm in the Luau Room of the Waikiki Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 7, 2008.

    Cocktails on the beach to follow the ceremony.

    The couple will recieve guests at a reception to be held at 3pm in the ballroom of the Hometown Inn in Hometown USA on June 14th, 2008.

    Your favors should reflect the day that you got married, right - not the day you are holding the reception.

    Congrats and good luck!!!

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    Generally the best wedding favors dont have a date. I mean, really, who wants a shot glass/candle holder/coaster with someone else's name and wedding date on it. If you must get your favors personalized, though, yes you would use the actual wedding date, not the reception date.

    As to how to word the invitation, it really depends on how formal or casual you want to be. "We're getting married in Hawaii on June 7th! Join us for a celebration of our new life together on June 14th, 6pm at XYZ Park in City, State." Or you can go much more formal. Play around with wording options until you find one that's pretty close to what you're looking for and then customize it. For ideas, check out They have TONS of invitations and wording options for you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm in a very similar situation, so there are two wordings I would suggest to you.

    The first is that you can plain out say that you and your future spouse are the ones inviting people:

    Wifey McWiferson and Hubby MacHubbard invite you to...

    The second way, the route I'm going, is to avoid naming names:

    You are invited to the union/wedding/reception of Wifey McWiferson and Hubby MacHubbard.

    I think that both are perfectly acceptable courses to take. I wish you well for your wedding and reception!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Word it as your 2 invite the guest.

    Put the date of the marriage on the wedding favor.


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  • mkt
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    We put:

    By Sand & Sea

    Under Sun & Sky

    Jane K Smith


    John M Doe

    invite you to celebrate their marriage on _____ at _______

    Near the surf on Laguna Beach


    We used for invites which had a lot of great ideas to steal! ; )

    We paid for our wedding, both our parents are divorced, we are adults with young kids ..... our parents were there as guests - they did not throw the wedding or give anyone away.

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  • Kacky
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    I think you should have favors that don't show a date. Just your names and a little saying.

    Your invitation could just say something like "(your name) and (his name) request the honor of your presence / at a reception in celebration of our marriage / date, time and place"

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  • 1 decade ago

    Go to invitations from Dawn... they have samples IT'S SO HELPFUL!

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