super help please???????????????

ok i want to lose weight but i cant keep to any of my excesizes. I need super hwlp. I have bad knees and ankles i like to run but my block is hilly and very rocky and my mom cant take me to the jym everyday so i just go outside sometimes play basket ball play with my dogs can you guys help me ppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaazzzzzz!!!!!!!!!! Im begging over the computer lol

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    Just eat only complex carbs, lean meat, and lots of veggies. It will make your meals low caloried and yet filling and healthy.

    Cut your soda and juices. Learn to drink Chinese tea, they can help you lose weight.

    Do brisk walking. They are great for burning body and tummy fats.

    I am on low carb, low fat, high fibre, high protein and a hour brisk walk 5 times a week, and I have lost 31lbs and gain better health. I am now maintaining my 108lbs for more than a year.

    Details such as my experience, types of foods and veggies to eat, healthy low fat snacks, meals, recipes, walking as an exercise and to shape the body etc etc, are in my blog.


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    Hmm. This is a tough one, bad knees and ankles limit you a bit. I recommend finding a good hobby so you don't eat when you are bored. Eat 1500 or 1000 calories a day, but no less or you go into starvation mode and store food as fat. Pilates is probably a good bet, and do lots of sit ups. An exercise ball and hand weight would be good too. Walking is a super way to burn fat. If you do an hour of brisk walking every day along with a reduced calorie diet you will see results within a few weeks. Good luck!

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    mix it up. Do different excersised every day. Go to the gym one day, the next run, the next go for a walk, then a bike ride, then abs and arms, etc. Watch what u eat too. I know it can be hard, but instead of those poeatoe chips go for a carrot kind of things. Replace those not so good foods with "heathy stuff". Really think before you eat and think of the outcome. If you do that excersise now, just think how much better you will feel afterwards. Good luck!

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    Doing yard work is a great way to tone and lose some weight. Any physical labour where you use all your muscles at the same time. I know you are young but a part time landscaping job, or garden maintenance will help, If you have to do the work it is easier than a fitness schedule

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    you sound like a young lady. You have several options. One good option is to walk. Take a long walk. Take your buddies (your dogs) with you. Better yet go to the mall and browse. Walking the mall is something enjoyable and you can cover quite a distance there. Another option is to go bike riding! Go riding and see some sights!

    Make sure you take some water with you. You do not want to get dehydrated on your journey.

    Cut out the processed foods and you are on your way! Good luck!

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    The best thing a kid your age can do is to just stay active. Go outside and play with your friends. You can go for walks. If you have a membership to a swimming pool, swimming is a good exercise! Do push ups sit ups crunches ect!

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    I'd go out and buy a jump rope. It's very affordable and probably one of the best cardio exercises you can do in just a short amount of time. 5 minutes of straight up jumping is equal to sprinting a mile. PLUS, it tones your abs if you keep them tight throughout your workout as well as tone your upper arms.

    It worked wonders for me.

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    find some exercise you can actually enjoy, like walking your dogs. avoid running as your legs have problems.

    it's not the gym that's going to make you fit. it's your determination. if you go gym but no determination its not going to happen either.

    determination/will power/self control will enable you to say no to the diet nonos and stick to the diet, exercise routine.

    good luck!

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    Stay off the caffeine, then stay off the candy. Looks like you are buzzing on both!

    Consider balancing exercise with a bit of intake control, if you are really getting fat. If you're 110 lb and want to get to 85 lb, please see a psychiatrist.

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